Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NEW RELEASE! My Girlfriend's Daddy, Daddies Book One

Considering what happened to my last title, yes this one is just begging for an Amazon ban.

And if it happens, I know I can't bitch.  I've done it to myself, eyes wide open.

NO THIS IS NOT INCEST OR PSEUDO INCEST.  It's about a hot older man with a younger ADULT MALE over the age of 18.


Heads turn at a get-together where Warner Lowery shares details of his first time encounter with the hottest older man he’d ever met—his girlfriend’s father. Sam Parker had pushed his buttons from the moment they’d met.

Warner had struggled, especially since he’d been only nineteen and adamant he wasn’t gay, only to succumb to the touches of the man he shouldn’t have wanted.

The story brings back all kinds of memories and makes Warner realize he has been carrying a torch for far too long. No other man has ever surpassed Sam Parker in Warner’s mind.

No one.

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Awesome? Yeah sure. Warner glanced up at the house, honestly not wanting to go inside.

“Now, come on… keep an open mind, Warner. Come meet my daddy.”

Warner shook his head. His non-refundable plane ticket wasn’t going to take him home for almost a week and the hotel room was set up for tomorrow night, not that he had the extra funds to pay for one more. It was go inside the gay man’s house or sleep on the streets. Ignoring the five suitcases Mandi had brought, he grabbed his suitcase and started rolling it toward the house.

“A little help here?” she called from behind him.

A guy walked down the driveway and stopped in front of him.

Xander James? Heat flooded Warner’s face as he recognized the man.

A porn star.

A gay porn star—one Warner had been secretly watching on his laptop when his roommate was out fucking his new boyfriend.

Xander was over six feet of pure muscle. His hair was dark brown with little flecks of blond, but now that Warner was this close, he realized it was possibly flecks of gray. Heavy stubble coated his square jaw. Warner’s stare drifted down… down over his big chest covered by a tight t-shirt… until he was staring at the spot where he knew a big, thick cock hid under the shorts the man wore.

Warner’s cock thickened and hardened, making it even more embarrassing.

He glanced back up and met Xander’s intense stare. Warner felt lust roll over him from just one look, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.

Heat stared back at him, he was sure of it. A glimmer was deep inside the man’s eye that Warner couldn’t ignore.

A thick finger poked him in the chest. “I believe my daughter asked for your help,” Xander growled out. “A gentleman helps a lady.”

Oh, fuck. This is Daddy?

“Ye-yes, sir,” Warner said, turning back to Mandi. He rushed to her side and took two of her garment bags and tossed them over one arm before grabbing one of her suitcases.
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