Friday, February 12, 2016

BACK ON AMAZON! Surrendering to Two Bears

Hopefully this one sticks... Surrendering to Two Bears has been resubmitted to Amazon.

IF you were able to buy a copy BEFORE Amazon pulled it -- no worries, the story has NOT been altered.

The only differences are:

1) The cover was tweaked a little (The original did sort of look like he was grabbing his junk, which he was NOT.  So, since Amazon did NOT give us a reason why it was pulled, the cover artist removed that area.

2) The trigger warnings were removed.  I was told by another author that she had a book pulled for that very reason.  Another said the fact "rape" was said in the trigger warnings, that was likely why it was pulled.  

THIS SERIOUSLY PISSES ME OFF because the rape of the character doesn't even happen in my story.  It happens before the story begins.  He'd affected by it--dramatically--but it's never shown in the tale.

I added those warnings to be considerate to my readers.  You guys matter to me and anyone that might struggle with this tale deserved to know about it in advance so they could either prepare mentally or decide it just wasn't a book for them.  

While Amazon has not responded as to why the book was pulled, I can't definitively say it was for this reason. The fact other authors have had their books banned only to accept a new version without those warnings speaks volumes, though.

You buy a copy from Amazon HERE

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