Sunday, February 28, 2016

Guest Author: Adam Charles and His Beta

Welcome Adam Charles back to my blog.  Adam's sharing a bit of His Beta this Sunday.

Toby had always been passed over by the betas in his own pack, but more than anything he wants a pup, and someone to belong to. When he meets Luke, a beta from a neighboring pack, he can’t believe the man’s interested in him. Luke is there to find a mate, and Toby fears hoping that it’ll be him, even as their relationship grows. And when trouble calls Luke back to his home pack, Toby finds himself with a decision to make. Will he trust Luke enough to go after what he’s always wanted, or will he let his fears get the better of him?


Toby hooked his thumbs under the straps of his backpack to keep from fidgeting. He and Luke had been walking around for about an hour, yet Luke still didn’t seem tired of him. He nodded toward a tree. “And that was my favorite tree to climb growing up. I fell and broke my arm when I was eight.”
“Was it still your favorite tree after that?” Luke asked.
Luke laughed. “Seems like you had a fun childhood.”
“I was raised sort of communally. I was born to a male omega, and he had some difficulties. A hemorrhage.”
“Fuck, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. I have pictures of him. People told me about him.”
“What about your other father?”
“He was a beta, but he was about to take a mate and didn’t want a pup from another. He was always nice to me. He died a few years ago. Heart attack.”
“I’m sorry. Perhaps now that everyone can mate more freely, there won’t be so many fractured families.”
“But I think it’ll take time for us to restructure. I mean, you aren’t going to mate Rebecca just because you can do so without asking permission, right? That’s why you’re here.”
“You’re right, but if I’d known I could make a love match, I wouldn’t have ever knotted anyone.”
“You knotted others?”
“Two male omegas. Before Rebecca. No pups came of it.”
Toby sucked on his lower lip, thinking. “You said your daughter is happy where she is?”
“For now. If I have pups with a mate, I’d let her live with us if she wanted to. She’s five and still sticks close to her mother.” Luke glanced over at him. “What do you think about that?”
“What do I think? It’s your life. I like that you have a relationship with her.”
Luke chuckled. “No, I meant if we click the way I think we’re gonna. Would you want Lily with us?”
Toby nodded without hesitation. “I love children. We could do whatever was best for her. She could have a room at our place and with her mom. Does Rebecca live far?”
“Little more than a mile between our cabins. Lily walks back and forth between us when it’s still daylight. Sometimes Alex or Amy—her older siblings—will walk her there and back. They all get along well even though they have different fathers.”
“That’s great. What kind of things do you do together?”
“I’ve been doing woodcarving with her. I’m not great at it, but she wanted to learn. I was scared to let her hold a knife at first, but her hand’s steadier than mine. We fish sometimes. It’s a much longer walk to get to the river from our lands.”
They reached Luke’s cabin, and Toby paused at the steps that led up to the porch. Lots of people had acknowledged them as they passed by, and many had smiled. Having other people know he was likely to be fucked here soon somehow made Toby even hornier. He knew part of it was because Luke was so good looking. Others probably wanted the beta, but he’d chosen Toby, for now at least. Toby didn’t want to think about how it might go afterwards. He wanted to believe Luke really felt some special connection, but he told himself to stop getting his hopes up.
Luke mounted the steps and looked back at him. “You coming? We can relax. Make some lunch here in a bit.”
Toby smiled and followed him up. “Sounds good.”
The cabin was sparsely furnished, but it had everything Luke would need for a brief stay. A box of books sat on the kitchen table. “You like to read?”
“Mmmm hmmm. I’m kind of a homebody. I usually take a walk after dinner then settle down with a book.”
“What’s your favorite?”
“I like fantasy. Not sure I have a favorite, But I really like Mervyn Peake. He lived the same time as Tolkien.” Luke had set his mug in the kitchen and taken his pack off. He came up behind Toby and pulled his off. “I won’t be offended if you don’t want this, but if you’re staying, I really want to touch you now.”
Toby felt Luke’s cock pressing against his ass, and he pushed back against it. “You’ll knot me?”
“Yes. I’d love to.” Luke wrapped his arms around Toby and nuzzled his neck. “I’m gonna make you feel so good you’ll never doubt how desirable you are ever again.”
Toby tilted his head to give Luke better access. The beta’s hands roamed up and down, going under his shirt and rubbing his cock through his jeans. “Is it really my scent?”
“A little. You smell good. Look good. There’s a sweetness in your face I like. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.” He gently bit Toby’s neck. “I need you naked. Tell me this is what you want.”
Toby rubbed his ass against the huge cock pressing into him. “Then get me naked,” he whispered, suddenly very excited about the idea of being dominated by this particular beta. He always submitted and had never had any desire to top during sex, but right now he really wanted Luke to take him to bed and have his way with him.
Luke chuckled, the sound so sexy, before he turned Toby around and threw him over his shoulder. Toby hung on to his waistband, surprised but pleased by the view of Luke’s rounded ass. No one had ever done this to him before, even though he was small enough for any grown male to heft easily. He expected to be thrown down on the bed, but Luke set him down gently and cupped his face.
Toby lowered his eyes, but Luke tipped his head back until he was forced to make eye contact again. “We haven’t even kissed yet,” Luke said.
Toby licked his lips and gazed at Luke’s mouth. He wanted those lips all over him, but a kiss sounded wonderful. As he’d promised, Luke was very gentle. He angled his head to brush their lips together and then slowly explored Toby’s mouth, their tongues dancing and teeth nipping as the embrace deepened.
They parted, and Luke drew Toby’s shirt over his head. He lowered Toby to the bed and took his shoes and socks off. Next he got on his knees between Toby’s legs and began kissing his neck again while pinching and tweaking both of his nipples. Toby found himself panting in no time. Luke knew all the right ways, and places, to touch him. He couldn’t help crying out when Luke lowered his head and took one nipple between his teeth. Luke licked and sucked the nub to take the bite of pain away, and then he did the same to the other, biting just a bit harder this time.
Toby felt his cock leaking already, and he practically whimpered when Luke moved to free him from his pants. Luke looked up at him with pure lust in his eyes once Toby’s cock popped free. “We’re gonna be so good together,” Luke said before licking away the pre-cum on Toby’s head.

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