Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NEW RELEASE DAY! Surrendering to Two Bears, Bear Mountain Book 8

Held hostage for over a year, Eric had been forced to play Tymber and Taryn’s sex slave against his will. When he was finally free, he wasn’t truly free. Pregnant with the terrible twosome’s cub, he couldn’t leave Bear Mountain until the beast inside him arrived.

Landon and Collier know their mate at first glance, and offer to give the human refuge in their cabin. They struggle knowing their male is filled with a babe, a babe that’s not theirs, but as they grow to love Eric, they know they’ll love the little piece of him regardless.

But Eric has other plans. Over the weeks with them, he senses the bond and revels in the safety of their home. He wants the two bears for himself, without the thing his captors forced on him under the same roof.

What will Landon and Collier do when the ultimate ultimatum is laid at their feet?

Trigger Warning: Prior to the start of the story, the rape of one of the main characters occurs. It is not shown, but the character does recall small memories during a brief scene near the beginning of the book.


Amazon made a decision to yank this title late Wednesday with no answer as to why... a form email hinted that it was something in the blurb... or the cover... or the content.  Yeah, thanks, that really narrowed that shit down.

My publisher changed the title some (so it no longer looks like he's grabbing his junk, which I will clarify now, he was not.  I've seen the original model's shot and he's pushing his towel down)  And they removed the trigger warnings because I happened to mention the word rape and Amazon flips the fuck out when that happens, it seems -- even if there was NO RAPE IN THIS STORY.

The "NEW AMAZON" link is this new, updated copy that has so far passed the censors.

If you have one of the original copies -- THE STORY HAS NOT CHANGED!!


He looked back up to the ceiling, realizing he’d lost count again. He glanced at his stomach, horrified by the round protrusion—a constant reminder of what those monsters had done to him. The door opened, and he rose up on the exam table, ready to defend himself.

Landon slipped into the room. Followed by another male. The big guy was almost a head taller than Landon and more muscular. His head was down, so it was hard to tell what he looked like. The door closed softly. A whisper of something filled Eric’s nose… a sweet smell. 

Vanilla. And cinnamon. And something else, more musky.


When the man finally lifted his gaze, his eyes glowed golden. 

Heat flooded Eric’s body, his cock thickening. He grabbed the blanket covering him, trying to hide his traitorous reaction. 

Another one of them. 

Another blond in a world that had seemed filled with darkness. His square jaw was covered in dark blond stubble, making him look somehow dangerous. Yet, again, Eric sensed he was safe. 

“This is my brother bear, Collier,” Landon said gently. 

Eric looked between them. “Like Tymber and Taryn.” 

“We’re nothing like them,” Collier growled. “Don’t compare us.”

Landon rested a hand on Collier’s arm before looking up at Eric. “Yes, they were brother bears. But like Collier said, we aren’t anything like them.” 

Eric recognized that. Bone deep. He still didn’t understand the connection he felt… especially now that another shifter was making him feel equally mental. “What are you doing here?” 

“You need somewhere safe to stay while you wait,” Landon answered. 


“With you?” Eric asked, stunned. He wasn’t stunned at the suggestion, more so for the yes trying to immediately roll off his lips. He felt his body growing warmer again, need making his cock swell some. 

He wanted them. 

Dear God, he wanted them both. 

What the hell is wrong with me? 

“We’ll protect you,” Collier said. 

I need protection… from you. “What is it you think I need protection from?” 

“They’re exiling Tymber and Taryn. But that doesn’t mean they’ll follow the rules and stay off bear lands,” Landon said. “And then there’s the babe. I’m a trained EMT as well as a tech, so I can keep an eye on you both.” 

“Exile? That’s it?” 

“The council has made its decision. We have to live with it,” Collier said, his jaw tight. “Even if we disagree.” He met Eric’s stare, his eyes bright. “Even if Tymber and Taryn should die.”

Collier had the look of a man who wanted to do damage. That called to something inside Eric. Eric eyed them both, sensing they’d do as well as they said, but that draw he felt to them both—he needed to understand it. “Why do I feel… odd… when you’re around?” 

“Odd?” Collier asked, his eyes growing brighter. 

Heat flooded his body, his cock thickening even more. “Yes. Odd.” 

He wasn’t telling them he felt horny as hell. He was in no position for whatever this was to progress. He’d just been forced by his captors. He wasn’t fucking these two. 

Not now. 

Not ever. 


Even now, after everything that had happened, he wanted these two. His body wanted what repulsed his mind. Maybe this is a mistake. 

“Just know that there aren’t two bears in this valley who would protect you any more vigilantly than we would,” Landon said. 

“Why is that?” Eric asked, looking up at the handsome bear. 

“You’re our mate,” Collier finally said.
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