Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Omegaverse FAQ -- Heat Cycles in My Omegaverse

After explaining about the different heat medicines in a recent post, I had a few emails and messages, asking me about the heats themselves.

So I figured I'd explain them a little.

Heats in my Omegaverse revolve around the full moon. Omegas go into heat for 3-4 days around the full moon -- every 28 days. During this time, an unmedicated omega will beg an alpha to breed them. If an alpha is in an omega's presence during a heat, he will go into rut.

Most omegas go into their first heat between the ages of 15-17. Like anything else, there are those who sometimes fall outside the norm. Heats can start far earlier or much later.

An omega's first heat tends to be a bit chaotic. It almost always starts earlier -- several days before the full moon -- and often last more than the norm. But it's often not quite as powerful as an adult heat. Most younger omega in heat age do not suffer quite as strongly -- not until they've matured a bit more.

Most omegas begin using heat blocking meds immediately, from the very first heat. Like I explained in the previous post, Heat Repress was created to assist young, unmated omegas, and those between pregnancies -- so it was not meant to take continuously for more than a few years at a time. Heatex, being significantly stronger, has to be cycled off for a month every 1-2 years.

Occasionally, when an omega meets their alpha for the first time, it can trigger a spontaneous heat - full moon or not. This is also sometimes called a contact heat. It doesn't happen to all omegas and a spontaneous heat isn't as strong as a full heat -- but an alpha can scent an omega in this type of heat and go into a rut.

***Edit to note -- an omega is less fertile in a spontaneous/contact heat than any other. Mating is much less likely to result in a pregnancy during one of these.

A wild heat is when an omega has not cycled off Heat Repress or Heatex within the time frame per the medicine. In a wild heat, an omega loses complete control and medicine or not, will go into a very strong, overwhelming heat. Omegas experiencing one have been known to attempt climbing walls or otherwise escaping their confines just to beg any alpha to breed them. A wild heat also tends to confuse an omega and their scent receptors—making them assume any random alpha breeding them is their alpha and creating a sense of bonding that might or might not be correct.

In the months leading up to a wild heat, an omega will begin experiencing growing lust during their heats, above normal levels - even while medicated. It's a warning sign that they need to cycle off as soon as possible.

When an omega cycles off, they must find a safe space to do so—if they aren't somewhere like the Omega Quadrant and behind the safety of the walls. Betas in the family can assist in watching over the omega, or a gated location under lock and key is recommended -- somewhere away from alphas.

Also, not much is widely known in the Eastern Provinces (where His Surrogate Omega takes place) regarding cycling off or wild heats -- as most omegas don't take Heat Repress for more than a decade at a time. Most take it significantly less. Gray was a rare omega, taking Heat Repress for nearly two decades... and the meds were beginning to fail him.

In the Western Provinces, omegas have more rights. They're allowed educations and into the workforce, giving rise to a better understanding of omega reproductive health in recent decades.

Make sure you check out ONE WILD HEAT (Alphas of the Western Provinces, 1) when it releases May 17th!

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