Thursday, February 11, 2016

BLOCKED -- Amazon Yanks Surrendering to Two Bears


The book is back on Amazon!



I checked out my Surrendering to Two Bears Amazon page late this morning to see how it was doing, only to find it gone.


I checked with my pub, only to find out Amazon arbitrarily yanked the book and blocked it from sale.

No email.

No explanation.


I have NO IDEA why it was pulled (although I have a few suggestions from other authors as to why and if ANY of them are correct, it is utter and complete bullshit.)

I know a lot of you are Amazon fans and buy a ton of books there -- but until we can iron this out with Amazon, the only thing I can ask you is to buy the book at the other vendors that currently carry this title.

It should be up on iBooks later today or early tomorrow and to BN hopefully sometime this weekend.

An email has been sent to Amazon, trying to clarify why it was pulled and hopefully it will be reinstated, but I have no idea when or even IF that will happen.

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