Sunday, February 21, 2016

Guest Author -- Maggie Walsh and WOUNDED

Welcome Maggie Walsh as she shares a bit of her upcoming release, Wounded, book 9 in her Angel Pack series.

Shelby has been M.I.A for months. He was being held prisoner by his demented father as the man tried to torture information from him. But Shelby refused to tell his father what he wanted. Using his special powers, that his father didn’t even know he had, Shelby manages to escape and makes his way to his king’s coven. When Shelby confesses his secrets to Dante about who he really is, Dante decides Shelby would be safer at the Angel Pack house.

While hiding out there, Shelby finds his mate, but he doesn’t want him. After the life he has lived and knowing that everyone in the paranormal world would love to get their hands on him if they found out exactly what he can do, Shelby doesn’t trust anyone. He rejects his mate and refuses to even talk to him.

Xander tries to attack Jesse when he thinks he has hurt his mate, but Micah steps in and a fight between the two huge wolves ensues. Shelby thinks his mate is an idiot for trying to attack the Alpha Prime’s mate and walks away from Xander. 

Xander is confused by Shelby’s actions. How can his mate reject him when he doesn’t even know him? And he won’t even give Xander a chance. Xander knows that Shelby’s excuse for not wanting him because Xander has been with a lot of men, is not the true reason. Neither of them can change their past’s, but they can move on and at least get to know each other.

When Minos and his soldiers attack the pack house, destroying everything they love, the pack must band together to fight. But when Shelby goes missing will Xander find him in time to save him? Or will Xander even try to find Shelby, knowing that his mate doesn’t want him?


Steamy Excerpt:

 Xander stood and took the two steps around to Shelby. He held out his hand and look at Shelby expectantly. Shelby raised his hand and placed it in his mate’s. Xander pulled him gently from his seat and Shelby stood. Xander said nothing as he walked them away from the table to an open spot on the patio that surrounded the pool.
 Xander turned toward him and whispered, “Dance with me.”
 Shelby immediately raised his free hand to rest on Xander's broad shoulder and Xander’s free hand slid around his waist pulling him closer. They spent the next fifteen minutes in silence as they swayed to the music. Xander was a great dancer and led him like they were made for each other. Well he guessed he was right there, because fate did make them for each other. The song changed and Shelby closed his eyes. He loved this song. Rihanna’s “Stay” always made him feel melancholy. But right now, standing here in his mate's arms, listening to the song now, made the words mean more. They said what they both couldn’t.
 Shelby felt a change in his mate’s stance and opened his eyes. Xander’s face was inches from his and his eyes were filled with heat, but also something else...longing. Shelby lifted his chin. The movement brought their lips within and inch of each other’s. Xander’s head came down and closed the distance. His strong but soft lips gently whispered across Shelby’s and in that instant he knew he wanted more. Shelby stepped in closer, bringing their bodies flush and he pressed his lips to Xander’s. Xander slid his tongue across his lips, asking for permission, and Shelby gave it to him. He opened his mouth and met Xander’s tongue with his own.

 The arm around his waist tightened slightly, crushing their bodies together, and Shelby pulled his hand from Xander’s so that he could wrap both arms around his mate's neck, snaking his fingers through the soft locks of his mate’s hair. He felt Xander’s other arm slide around him and his hand pressed against Shelby’s back, holding him close.
Xander took over the kiss, deepening it, and Shelby thought his shoes were going to melt off his feet and his socks would fly off. Now he understood why all those damsels in all those old movies raised their foot. He had the same urge to do the move, but instead he pressed closer. The kiss felt like it went on forever, but when Xander pulled back, breaking the kiss, Shelby whimpered from the loss. The kiss had been too short. He wanted more.
 “Gods, you taste so good, mate. I think I may become addicted to you.
 “Talk is cheap, big boy,” Shelby growled and plastered his lips to Xander’s again. He kissed his mate hard and fucked his mouth with his tongue. The kiss turned feral and they both grabbed and groped at the other. Suddenly Shelby’s back was pressed against something cold and hard. And at the same time something hot and hard was pressed against his stomach. Damn it felt huge.

Xander cupped Shelby’s chin with one hand and held it tight. Suddenly Shelby felt like he was about to explode. The move caused him to feel possessed, claimed, and a part of him was scared. He had had enough of people trying to control him, possess him, and he sure as shit wasn’t going to let his mate. Shelby broke the kiss, pulling his chin free from his mate’s grasp. They panted heavily, trying to get air into their lungs as they stared at each other.
 “I love the feel of you in my arms. The press of your lips on mine, and your hard cock against my thigh. Your taste makes me feel lightheaded and your scent, oh gods, your scent is the most alluring thing I have ever had the pleasure of smelling.”
Damn his mate spoke pretty. His words eased Shelby’s tension and made him want to let the man fuck him right then. “You’re not a bad kisser yourself there, stud. And if that pole jabbing me is any indication of what you’ve got hiding under those slacks, then I think I’m in for a bumpy ride.”
 “You can ride me any time you want, beautiful Shelby,” Xander’s voice went down an octave as he spoke the words. The sound went directly to Shelby’s cock. He grabbed the front of Xander’s jacket and smashed their lips together again. Buttons popped, zippers opened, and material ripped as they both rushed to get the other naked. Shelby hissed at the first touch of skin against skin, and he loved how the hair on his mate's chest tickled his sensitive nipples. He rubbed his chest against Xander’s as his pants dropped to pool around his ankles.
 Something inside him told him to stop this, or at least to slow it down. He didn’t really know this man yet. But his heart and body told him to shut up and enjoy. Xander’s thick, muscled thigh thrust between his legs, pressing against his cock and balls. The feeling was delicious and erotic. Shelby began to thrust his hips to get the friction his dick wanted. Xander’s lips moved down his throat and he gave Shelby a small, teasing bite where shoulder met neck. Right where he would claim Shelby if he allowed.
Their movements were desperate and animalistic, and Shelby was shocked at how his body responded to Xander’s touch. He was also surprised at how his mate's body responded to him. Xander’s big, hard cock rubbed against his hipbone feverishly as Xander licked and sucked his neck, hands roaming over his heated skin. Shelby’s hips picked up speed, the need to come growing stronger. Xander pulled back from his neck slightly and whispered in a growl against his skin. “Don’t come.”

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