Sunday, February 7, 2016

Guest Author: April Andrews and THE HUMAN AND THE OMEGA

Welcome back April Andrews and her fourth installment in the Omega Auctions series -- The Human and the Omega.

Theirs is a love that is forbidden...

When Kale hears a knock on his door in the dead of night it marks the start of something that changes his life forever. Not only is the man that he takes in one of the most beautiful that Kale has ever seen but there is something about him that Kale can’t quite understand...

When the full moon arrives Kale soon finds out exactly what that ‘something’ is. Aidan is an omega wolf shifter and he is not only running from the pack who wanted to abuse him, but running towards the hope of a new life.

But finding that new life is not going to be easy because before long an attraction explodes between Kale and Aidan and it is attraction that soon begins to define them both. Only, humans and wolves are not meant to be together, and they will have no choice but to part...unless their forbidden love can find a way...


Kale’s hands were practically shaking as he lifted himself into a sitting position and took Aidan into his arms. There was no choice about that. The past few days had stoked his desire to the point where it was impossible to wait any longer. 

He wanted Aidan so bad. 

It wasn’t just a physical attraction either. He knew that deep inside. He’d gotten to know Aidan, talked with him, shared with him, and with each piece of information exchanged, each lingering look, he found himself falling for the other man. 

Perhaps it had always been inevitable. Maybe it was the path they were going to take from the very first. In that moment Kale didn’t know and he didn’t much care. Finally he was going to make love to Aidan and he wanted nothing more in that moment than this. 

He lifted his hand and cradled the back of Aidan’s head and then, slowly, he brought Aidan towards him. Their lips met a heartbeat later. Aidan tasted of mints and freshness. His lips were soft and yet firm and the dusting of stubble around his mouth tickled Kale’s lips. 

All of these sensations ran through him but threading around them all was the knowledge that his cock was throbbing in his pants. Aidan’s hand was still on it and as they kissed he squeezed and stroked it. His touch was tentative, exploratory, and it drove Kale mad. 

He groaned against Aidan’s lips, worked them over and over, and then, when the desire filled him to the point that his control was on a knife edge, he slipped his tongue into Aidan’s mouth and worked it in the exact same way he wanted to work his cock. 

Before long they were moving together and somehow Kale maneuvered Aidan so that he was lying flat on his back. He threaded his fingers in Aidan’s hair and deepened their kiss as he covered Aidan’s body with his. 

Aidan gave a moan of satisfaction. Kale could only echo it. He lifted his head and looked into the eyes of the man he wanted and smiled. 

“You are so beautiful,” he said. 

“Not beautiful,” Aidan said. 

“Of course you are,” Kale whispered. “I thought it from the very first moment that I saw you. I wanted you then. Have wanted you ever since.”

“Then why...”

“Because it had to come from you,” Kale said. “Always from you.”
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