Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Want to Win a Free PRINT Proof Copy of The Master's New Toy Collection?

I've put the entire Master's collection of SIX BOOKS into one print collection.  I just ordered proofs of the book and I'm giving away two signed copies.

Want in?

Then join my newsletter by emailing your e-address to me at  No comments below, I don't want your addys being stolen by spammers.

No spam from me, just updates on new releases as they become available, and your email won't be shared with anyone else.

**These are print proofs, so there may be some slight print errors.  They've been ordered to confirm the printing is correct before it goes on sale.**

And of course, this means the collection will be going up for sale on CreateSpace and Amazon very soon.  Sometimes it's just cool to hold a print book in your hand and be able to smell the pages.  It's a very visceral experience.
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