Monday, June 24, 2013

The Duke 7/8 Sneak Peek

Adam and the duke's tale is coming to an end.  I just sent the manuscript to my editor, so the end is nigh.  Here's a little taste of what's to come (unedited, so no yelling!)

Also, there's a bonus scene in this book after Part 8, FYI.  So make sure you read to the end!

The Duke's Plaything, Parts 7 & 8

 ©2013, Kelex 

            Adam jumped up from the floor and crossed the room, headed for the duke’s dressing room.  He would just have to steal something from his master so he could leave.  As soon as he opened the door, the duke’s steward Sebastian stood there, his eyes wide.

“Can I be of service to you, Adam?”

Adam sneered at the man.  “I expect you to call me by my proper title or My Lord.  You do not have the position to call me by my given name.”

“But our master—”

“Is no longer my master.  I don’t care if he told you to address me so informally.  You’re not to do it further.”

Sebastian gave a half bow.  “Yes, my lord.  Is there any way I can be of service?”

Adam lifted his chin, trying to look as regal as he could considering he was nude.  “Yes, you can.  I need a pair of breeches and a shirt.  A vest and coat would be helpful as well.  I know the duke is larger in shape than I, but his clothing will have to do.”

“And why is it you need clothing, my lord?” Sebastian asked.

“Not that it is any of your business, but I’m leaving,” Adam answered as he crossed his arms over his chest, eyeing the servant and daring him to argue.  “It’s past time I went home.”

“Yes, my lord.  If you’ll return to the bedroom, I will find the appropriate clothing and bring them in to assist in dressing you,” Sebastian said.

Adam stared at the steward.  “Do you think I’m daft?  You’ll just go and run to find the duke and that won’t be happening.  I need out now.  Hand me whatever is closest to you and hand it over now!”

“Sebastian, give him nothing,” a voice replied from Adam’s left.

Adam froze for a moment and closed his eyes, unprepared to have this confrontation.  It was the whole reason he was trying to run away.  He didn’t want to look into the face of the man who’d spurned him.  Adam took a deep breath and settled his nerves, although he felt his hands begin to tremble slightly.  He spun on his heels, trying to look as if he was confident and clearly on a mission, to see the duke leaning into the doorframe.  “You can’t hold me prisoner here.  I want to go and I shall.”

“It hasn’t been the agreed upon ten days as of yet.  I agreed to give you clothing back in that space of time.  So, if you’re adamant you’ll leave now, you’ll leave the same way you came into this world, as nude as a babe,” the duke said blandly, his gaze drifting over Adam.  “You’ll take nothing from me if you go.”

Adam knew the duke assumed Adam wouldn’t leave in the buff, but he wasn’t spending one more minute in the house.  If he had to leave nude to escape the torment, he’d leave nude and ride his horse through the countryside.  “Fine.  Nude it is.”

Adam stormed out and brushed past the duke as he moved.  Before he could get into the hallway, the duke had him pinned, his back to the dressing room wall.

“You’re going nowhere.  Not until I give you leave to go,” he duke said roughly, pressing his body against Adam to pin him there. 

Adam could smell leather and sandalwood coming from his master, the scent enough to make Adam hard in an instant.  He gazed at the duke, shocked to be pinned to the wall.  The duke captured his gaze, his steely eyes showing how unyielding he was going to be.  Adam pushed back some, only to be slammed harder against the wall.  He glanced at the duke’s masculine features, the almost harsh curve of his full lips and the firm jaw declaring to the world how virile he was.  Adam didn’t have a chance when it came to brute strength.  The duke would overpower him easily.
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