Friday, June 7, 2013

New Release - Remy's Wolf

*UPDATED*  Amazon is now up and running.  Link is below.

Remy's Wolf, the first in the Wolves of Mt. Alexis series, has been uploaded to all the sites. 

It's available now on All Romance E-books and Smashwords and will be available on Amazon sometime tomorrow.

This story is a little different than some of the rest, trying to focus a little more on storyline.  But you'll still find the hot BDSM scenes smoking and filling up the word count.

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Amazon *UPDATED*
Remy is drawn to the mountain, knowing he’s in perilous danger. He knows his fate is at hand and rushes to face it head on. When he’s attacked by a killer, a wolf jumps into the fray to save him.

Hank has waited a hundred years to find his mate and won’t stand by to watch his human hurt. Shifting into wolf form, he kills the attacker and frees his mate. He lets the human go as he cleans up the mess, knowing he will find Remy and claim his human at the first possible moment.

Once the smoke clears, Hank locates Remy and takes what he knows is his. But will the rough BDSM Hank desires chase Remy away? 
“You’re not afraid to be locked inside with me?” the wolfman asked.

Remy swallowed. After years of immersing himself in werewolf lore, he probably should be, but he wasn’t. “Should I be?”

“Perhaps you should.” The man growled lowly. “Do you know what I am?”

Remy was almost afraid to say what he thought, the thin line between reality and fantasy blurring for him at the moment. “I saw things last night, things I’d always known to be impossible. At least, I think I saw them. I’ve wished for them to be real, but I don’t … know.”

The man stalked closer to him. Remy remained frozen to the spot he stood on, watching the man with a guarded gaze. The man lifted Remy’s chin up with a finger to make him look up at the guy. “What do you think I am?”

“A were … werewolf?”

Another growl came at Remy’s response. “Why aren’t you afraid of me? I mean, I sense some fear, but not as much as there should be.”

“You’re not going to hurt me,” Remy said firmly, although not completely sure of that statement himself.

“And why is that, Remy?”

Remy almost sighed at the way his name rolled off the werewolf’s lips. The man, beast, whatever he was, was gorgeous. He was all lean and long muscle, standing at least six and three-quarter feet tall, if not more. His shoulders were massive, his waist narrow with a perfectly round, firm ass. When Remy eyed the guy’s biceps, he swallowed his lust and tried to focus on the man’s face. Large brown eyes watched him closely, set into a handsome, tanned face. Remy could see the man liked to be outdoors and active, it showed in his appearance. Thin creases at the corners of his eyes and the faint scruffy beard made him look rougher and unkempt in the sexiest way.

Remy closed his eyes for a second and tried to capture his control. “Because I just know you won’t. If you’d wanted to hurt me, you would’ve done so last night.”

“Perhaps I like to toy with my victims. Heighten the fear. Wolves do so like the chase.”

Remy shook his head. “No. That’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you want me, but not to kill me.”

“You’re so sure.” The guy leaned his face down a bit, until he was mere inches from Remy’s face. His eyes flashed the yellow Remy remembered, apparently brought on by strong emotions. “And you’re right. I do want you.”

Remy released a small breath and took in another, the man’s masculine scent heavy in his nose. He ignored the desire to inhale again, needing to fill his lungs with the man’s smell.

“It was hard for me to let you go last night,” the wolfman said.

Remy swallowed, insecurity filling him again. “And why’s that?”

“Because I wanted to do this,” the wolf said before leaning in and claiming Remy with a masterful kiss. As soon as the man’s lips were on Remy, he melted into him, needing his touch as much as his next breath. Their tongues warred with one another, swirling around and tasting as their lips crashed.
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