Sunday, June 2, 2013

Love Writing 'The End'

Just finished up a final read through on Books 5 & 6 of The Duke's Plaything and sent it off to my ed.  Should have it up for sale in a week or so as long as edits are minor.  Keep an eye out as I will post links as soon as it goes live.

Now back to writing Remy's Wolf (which is almost half done, btw).  I should hopefully have this puppy done within two weeks or so, barring any issues.

And then I have the next Slave World to write.

Bought myself a big dry erase board to keep track of what needs to be written next.  I've got more Bears coming, the end of the Duke's tale, and another three new series in the planning stages to take the place of completed ones.

Busy bee.  And loving it.
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