Monday, June 17, 2013

Slave World Part 3 Coming Soon

I just finished writing the rough draft for Slave World Part 3.  I'll spend some time in the coming days cleaning and polishing it up before sending it to my editor.

So, it will more than likely see the light of day within the next week or so.  Keep your eyes peeled.

And as soon as that one is done, the next Bear installment is raring to go.  But then Rafe is screaming at me to write his story instead, so not sure which one will win out.

Battle to the death -- Bastian versus Ty.  Who wins?  I'm leaning toward Ty.

Especially since I see our cop, Rafe, sitting in that sitsling, bound and ready for Ty's abuse.  I mean, who can ignore THAT?

So, not sure...we'll see who's story screams the loudest when the time comes.
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