Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm being torn apart!!

What shall I write today?

All these voices are screaming in my head to write their story.

No, write mine!

No! Mine!

I've already started writing both the next and final Duke installment as well as the next wolf tale.  Bastian is standing in a corner and glaring at me about his next tale.

I think I kind of like him glaring at me, to be honest.  It's kind of hot.  Especially with that crop in his hand and the gleam in his eye.

About to get started on the word count for the day.  So, who shall it be?

Rafe in his sitsling or Adam bound to the bed and filled?

Hmm...decisions, decisions.

Then of course, I stumble across a picture which sets all kinds of bells and whistles off in my head.  Anthropomorphic Animals ... does that count as bestiality?  Hmm ... I know not what to say or think on this one.  Other than to say whatever it is, it's hot.

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