Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Victoria Vallo - Captured by Space Pirates, Volume 2

Jeremiah and his twin Sebastian have been captured by space pirates. Thus far, Jeremiah has been battered and bruised, and his attempt to get free and save his brother ends with him naked and bound, completely helpless. Jeremiah has little time to worry about his brother as he learns what the alien who holds him has in store for him.


Salex likes a challenge, and the feisty human he’s captured gets his blood racing. His twin brother Malar seems to be turning Sebastian into a playful pet, but Salex has very different plans for Jeremiah. The human is defiant and stubborn, yet Salex can see the darker desires buried deep inside him. Salex is going to bring these desires out, no matter what he has to do to get Jeremiah to beg for his touch…



Excerpt: (NC-17, adult content)


Salex waited for an answer, but all he got was a glare from Jeremiah. The stubborn man was so damned sweet in his defiance. Sweat soaked his brown hair and made his body glisten. Salex leaned over to lick his abs and get a taste of his masculine musk. Jeremiah trembled, and his cock twitched. “Fine. Don’t answer. I know what you need, little bitch.”

Moving to his chest of drawers, Salex found the lubricant he’d bought on Ricza. He poured some into his hand, slicking his own cock and giving it time to take effect. This lube sensitized the skin until the nerve endings almost couldn’t take any more. Humans were especially affected by it. He climbed back onto the slab and began preparing Jeremiah’s hole. Salex’s touch already had Jeremiah’s hard cock weeping and twitching. A few moments with Salex’s lubed finger in his ass had Jeremiah screaming.

When Salex saw a long dribble of pre-cum escape Jeremiah’s cock, he pulled back and stopped. He watched Jeremiah’s empty hole quiver and spasm, wanting to be filled.

“That’s so hot. You want it, bitch. You know you do.”

“Fuck you!” Jeremiah whispered.

Was the little human going to cry? It would be a change from the vitriol and obscenities.

Salex speared two fingers into Jeremiah’s hole and scissored them. Just as Jeremiah began to groan, he withdrew them. Just for fun, he smeared some of the lube on Jeremiah’s cock and jerked him roughly. The man who thought he was so tough actually began to whimper.

“What do you want? Tell me,” Salex said. He stopped pumping and cupped the head of Jeremiah’s cock.

“I need to come!” he said on a gasp. “It’s killing me.”

Salex chuckled. “I doubt that, though I’m sure it feels that way.” He sighed theatrically. “I want to keep denying you, but I suppose it would only be polite to fuck you now.”

Salex spread Jeremiah’s ass cheeks and slid into him. Jeremiah’s eyes went wide, and Salex could see him biting his lip. He didn’t hold back. He kept on pushing in until he’d completely filled Jeremiah.

“Perfect fit, my sweet little bitch.” Salex had never felt anything so divine. No being could compare to this. “This ass was made to take my cock.”

Jeremiah groaned and growled, but he seemed to have lost his capacity for speech.

“You just hang on. I know what you need.” Salex began to thrust, pulling himself halfway out and then slamming back in. Jeremiah cried out each time Salex hit home, but once he’d set a steady rhythm, Salex took Jeremiah’s cock in hand again. He timed the jerks with his thrusts. Jeremiah’s cock swelled even more, and his hot little channel spasmed.

“Oh yes, come for me, bitch,” Salex said, watching the pain and pleasure mix on Jeremiah’s face.

Jeremiah shot, his hot cum going everywhere. He gave a huge load, and Salex kept pumping until every drop was out. He wanted a taste, but he didn’t dare risk getting any of the lube on his tongue. He’d get a sample after he’d bathed his eager little bitch.

Grasping Jeremiah’s thighs, Salex let go and thrust as hard and fast as he could. Jeremiah’s cries only enhanced his pleasure. He came hard, harder than he’d come in years. Pure ecstasy filled him as he spilled into Jeremiah’s eager ass, which spasmed as if Jeremiah had experienced another orgasm. Salex looked down, and a fresh dribble of cum at the tip of Jeremiah’s cock revealed that Jeremiah had enjoyed the rough fucking.

Salex climbed off of Jeremiah, who had his eyes shut tight. He cleaned the cum off of himself, and then he went to bathe. Though he knew Jeremiah’s cock and ass were probably burning because of the lube, Salex still took his time. The lubricant wouldn’t cause any damage, and he liked to think of Jeremiah lying there, still tingling and aching from their encounter. For once, his twin brother had done very well. Malar had insisted they pick up the tiny drifting ship, even though Salex had thought it wasn’t worth the trouble to salvage.

Salex grinned as he luxuriated in how sated he felt after fucking Jeremiah. He’d never been so happy to have such a stubborn brother. When Malar had called him to the view screen, declaring that it was their “lucky day”, Salex had rolled his eyes. But the moment he’d seen Jeremiah and the angry, defiant look on his face, Salex had been intrigued. The little human could protest all he wanted—Salex knew Jeremiah loved his touch. The man craved rough sex and wanted to be dominated. Salex knew the type because he’d broken dozens like Jeremiah. Nothing compared to making a stubborn, macho male beg to be fucked and used.
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