Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Spotlight -- Maggie Walsh and Blind Rage

Welcome Maggie Walsh back to Sunday Spotlight! She's sharing a bit from her new release, Blind Rage (Clearnight Haven 3)

* * *

B.B.’s best friend Atty goes missing and he doesn’t know what to do, but then luck is on his side when the new coven leader Fabian Valentine and his brother, Silas show up asking questions about Atty’s disappearance. But when B.B. talks to the vamps, he brings trouble down on his head in the form of two thugs showing up at his door and beating the crap out of him. When the gorgeous B.B. arrives for their private meeting, away from prying eyes, and shows up badly beaten, Silas is suddenly filled with a sense of protectiveness he has never known. Then getting one whiff of B.B.’s blood explains everything he needs to know about the sharp tongued hottie. B.B. is his mate.

The Valentine brothers take B.B. back to their home where Silas helps him heal and explains that B.B. is his mate. At first B.B. is excited, knowing what that means, even though he is just a human, but suddenly his is consumed with fear of what could be. Not that he doesn’t want Silas, because he does, B.B. is just afraid that he will hurt the gorgeous vamp because his parents were not the most faithful people, so B.B. is afraid of Silas tying himself to B.B. for eternity.

When Atty is rescued, but suddenly his new friend and one of Silas’s brothers, Jasper, is captured, and Silas beats himself up over Jasper’s kidnapping, B.B. can’t just sit back and do nothing. He wants to help find his new friend and in turn also help his mate from the guilt he suffers.

So B.B. sets out alone to find some answers, but ends up in the same predicament as Jasper. The two are now the captives of the same sick bastards that held Atty, a group of human traffickers, who want to sell them to the highest bidder.

When Silas and his brothers find out what has happened to B.B. and who is holding him and possibly their youngest brother Jasper, they know they are working against the clock to get them back before they are sold and never heard from again.

Can Silas find B.B. and Jasper in time? And if he does, will they be the same or will the horrors they had to face changed them forever?


“Where the hell is he?” Silas hissed.

“I’m starting to get the feeling we’ve been had,” Fabian said with a sigh, then turned. “He’s a half hour late and we’re wasting time. I’ll call Atax and River and have them go sit on little B.B.’s house, while also keeping an eye on Patrice Lovering,” Fabian said, as he pulled his cell from his jacket pocket. “Then, we can get out of here and hit the next name on the list.”

“What about the rest of the town? Is it wise to pull two guys off patrol?”

“I doubt anything will happen in the next few weeks. These disappearances are once a week, but throughout the region, like whoever this is, is trying to fool the authorities. The last hit here, before Atticus, was four months ago. The one before that five months. So, I think we have some time. But you’re right, we should still keep the town under observation. I’ll have Saber join up with JuJu.”

Motion in the far shadows caught his attention. “Wait. I just saw something move out there,” Silas exclaimed as he turned fully toward the hole. “I think it’s B.B., but he looks like he’s moving funny.”

Fabian came to stand beside him and peered out the opening too. A flash of violet in the shadows to the left caught his eye. The figure seemed to be stumbling, or limping. The hairs on the back of his neck rose as a feeling of dread filled him. Something wasn’t right. He knew it was B.B., he could smell the human, but he also caught a whiff of blood, and lots of it. There was something else too, he just didn’t understand what it was.

As much as he wanted to stay in hiding, so no one would see them meeting with the human, he knew they had to act fast, or something life changing would happen. There was something about the scent of that blood that had his true vampire snarling. His gums began to itch and he ran his tongue across his teeth, noticing his fangs were beginning to descend. Pain at the tips of his fingers warned him that his claws were also about to rip from his fingers. Silas had no idea what was happening to him, only that he needed to get out there as fast as he could. Something told him that if he didn’t get to B.B. now, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

“Shit!” Silas hissed, then ripped the front door from its hinges and bolted through the opening, crossing the distance between them and B.B. in a mere second. He had no idea if Fabian followed and at the moment he didn’t care, all he knew was he needed to get to the human.

Once across the lot and within a few feet of B.B., Silas saw that the man was in bad shape. It looked as if someone had beat him to within an inch of his life. Silas got to B.B. just as the human was dropping, and wrapped his arms around him, catching him, and slowly lowered him to the ground. Silas knelt on the hard surface with B.B. cradled against him, and he was suddenly consumed with a sense of peace he had never experienced before, but there was also a pain that he had never felt before, agony. Silas drew in a deep breath through his nose to try to calm the confusing feelings inside him, but he was assaulted by the most amazing scent of nutmeg and ginger. Gods, he could get lost in that scent.

Realization dawned on him. Silas was shocked beyond speech as he just held onto the human and stared down at the man in his arms. Silas cupped B.B.’s cheek tenderly as a sense of wholeness washed over him, but then panic took over as he looked at B.B.’s injuries. Someone had hurt the human bad and Silas was now filled with terror thinking of B.B. dying.

“Why didn’t I know it before? He was standing right in front of me and I had no clue. Why? Don’t die, little one. Please stay with me,” Silas pleaded, shocked to hear the heartache and desperation in his own voice.

B.B.’s face was covered in blood and his clothes were torn. Silas could see claw marks marring B.B.’s flawless skin throughout his body. His right arm was a dark purple and Silas was sure it was broken, but the worst of it was the bone that he could actually see poking out a small hole in B.B.’s left thigh, his leg oozing blood.

“Silas, we need to get him out of here. He needs medical attention, now. Silas? Silas!” Fabian yelled as he placed a hand on his shoulder, and gave him a small shake.

Silas’s head snapped up, surprised by Fabian’s closeness. He had been so focused on B.B. that he hadn’t even remembered Fabian was there. When their gazes met, Silas could see the deep concern and confusion in Fabian’s eyes. “Silas, we have to get him to a doctor. Come on brother, I’ll help you,” Fabian offered, and stooped low, reaching out to help with B.B., but Silas didn’t want anyone else touching what was his.

“No! Don’t touch him! He’s mine! My mate!” Silas hissed vehemently, as he pulled B.B. closer against his chest.

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