Saturday, March 16, 2019

CONTEST: Name My Character

Name My Character!

In Avery and Wilder's Omegaverse story, we're going to meet a mature, widowed alpha who employs Avery at a part-time job while he's in college.

Age: 40-50
Hair: Salt and Pepper
Eyes: Pale Blue
Height: 6'4"
Body Type: Muscled
Occupation: Accidental Restauranteur
(was not his intention, family business he was forced into)

I'll pick the winner -- the name I love the most -- at the end of March. Whoever suggests that name will win an autographed copy of HIS SURROGATE OMEGA as well as be mentioned in the dedication to my next Omegaverse book.

Send your entries in HERE!

Contest is open to EVERYONE -- no matter where you live. I'll keep it open until March 31, 2019, at midnight EST.
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