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Sunday Spotlight – Lisa Oliver and I Can See You

Welcome Lisa Oliver back to Sunday Spotlight! She's here to share a little from her new release -- I Can See You (The Gods Made Me Do It, 5)


Artemas, known as the academic son of Poseidon, spent much of his time trying to work out how the Fates decided who was to be mated to whom. With the fall of his brothers, his father, and others in their close circle, he was worried he'd be next in line and the last thing he wanted or needed was a mate. But his uncle Zeus pulled him away from his studies with a special project for him - the retrieval of a book from an auction. A very special book by all accounts; the only known written record from the god Silvanus, one of the originals who hadn't been heard from for decades. Unable to resist a good book mystery, Artemas agrees to leave Poseidon's library long enough to bid on it. 

Silvanus had spent fifty years in deep despair over what was happening to the world. He'd been alone since the beginning of time, and when his depression reached breaking point, he pleads with the Fates to remove him from the tapestry of life. Telling him it was impossible, the Fates agreed to a promise instead. Silvanus would find his mate and the love his heart hoped for. Seeking to regain his book, after it'd been sold at an auction, Silvanus lands in a hotel room, meeting his fated promise face-to-face. Unfortunately, their first meeting was not the romantic event Silvanus had hoped for. 

It's soon clear Artemas's emotional baggage wasn't the only threat to their possible mating. A meddling god is on the loose, and when Odin and Loki are ruled out as possible suspects, only one other god comes to mind. Throw in the fact that Thor was due to give birth any minute, and Artemas and Silvanus have to work together in more ways than one. Will Silvanus ever get the time to heal the pain in Artemas's heart, or will the meddling god take everything they have and more?

This is an MM true mates’ story, based on ancient gods. MPREG elements are not the main focus of this story, but a cursing Thor does give birth within these pages. Being familiar with the previous books in this series, and the Cloverleah Pack series will help give context to the storyline.


Poseidon eyed him calmly. “Are you still holding that petty grudge about me and Thoth? For fuck’s sake. You’re better than that.”

“It’s got nothing to do with that.” But as Artemas said it, he knew his reaction against Silvanus had everything to do with that and Poseidon knew it. “Okay, have it your way. It’s got everything to do with the way you and Thoth turned my birth into a full scale feud. You knew he was married, but it didn’t stop you fucking him. He was an academic. He wouldn’t have known what hit him when you poured on the charm. He dumped me. He dumped me because his wife couldn’t stomach seeing him care for or show feelings for the proof of his infidelity.”

“She always was a narrow minded woman,” Poseidon scowled, probably thinking about her. “You’d think she’d loosen up a bit. Times were different then. We were all different then. Fidelity was nothing more than an abstract construct until the Christian religion got their hands on the masses. If Thoth had shown an ounce of the wisdom he was known for, he wouldn’t have married her in the first place. I was not the first man he bent over for and I wouldn’t have been the last.”

“You’re missing the point,” Artemas gritted his teeth as all the hurt from the past came flooding to the fore. “You knowingly seduced a married man on a bet, from Uncle Zeus of all people. I was the result. You weren’t there when Thoth’s wife was subjecting me to the hell of a thousand cuts, you were too busy getting your dick shined by a hundred other people. And then, when Thoth finally took his nose out of a book long enough to realize what was happening, what did he do? Stand up for me? Fight for me? Let his wife know I was worth something? No. He dumped me on your doorstep, and we all know how fucking happy you were about that. Not! I was ten years old.”

“Which was considered nearly an adult at the time. Remember children were working from as young as five in the old days.”

Even now, he won’t admit what he did was wrong. “But I didn’t get put to work, did I?” Artemas raged. “If I had, at least I would’ve seen people aside from the hurt faces of your latest conquests when you kicked them out before the cum you covered them in dried. That was the only way I even knew you were home or that other people even existed. Thoth abandoned me, and you acted like I wasn’t even there. Even the Mer guards wouldn’t have anything to do with me, and why? Because you were fucking them too.”

“I don’t expect you to understand….”

“That’s freaking great, because I don’t understand. I never did. Why was I even conceived? No, don’t answer that. I remember you telling me when I was twelve. You were a mistake.” Artemas could mimic Poseidon perfectly. “A mistake! And you’ve never let me forget it. Thoth couldn’t even be bothered to visit, even when his many wives left him. You were too busy screwing anything with legs or tails to care about raising your son. Never once, in the thousands of years of my existence have I ever felt I was worth more to you than a discarded condom.”

“If condoms were around then, you wouldn’t be here to have this conversation.”

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About the Author 

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips. 

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate. 

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook (, catch up on what’s happening at her blog ( or email her directly at 




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