Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Bear Mountain and Kindle Unlimited FAQ

Hi there and happy Wednesday....

I've been fielding a lot of questions about the Bear Mountain Series pertaining to Kindle Unlimited (KU)... so I thought I would address the ones I've gotten thus far in one spot in case they might help someone else...

1.  Is the newest book (22) going to be in KU? When?

Before I answer that, let me explain something, in case you're not aware. For a book to be included in KU, it CANNOT be available for sale anywhere but on Amazon for a minimum of one 90-day period. The term "going wide" means that the book is available EVERYWHERE possible, not just Amazon.

Since the Bear Mountain series has always gone wide upon release, I didn't want to change the way I released in the series. It would be unfair to the ePub readers to make them wait 90 days when they've never had to wait previously.

I *plan* to remove it from other vendors in about 90 days and place it in KU... so sometime around June/July 2019 is what I intend at the moment, but that could change for any number of reasons. I will announce a firmer date once we get a little closer.

2. Why aren't books 11 through 21 available on KU now?

They will be!

Just in case any ePub readers aren't caught up and needed to read later titles in the series prior to reading book 22, I wanted to leave the later ones on all vendors a little longer. I plan to place books 11 through 22 on KU at the same time I add 22.

I'm trying to be as fair to as many readers as possible doing it this way...

3. How long will the series be in KU?

I can't answer that completely. It's more a wait and see how it does there at this stage. At this point, they will be available through September 2019. Potentially longer.

4. What happens if I use ePub files and miss a book before the series goes into KU?

Contact me. We can work something out. My email info is available on my contact page.

5. Are you still planning to do a Bear Mountain Next Generation series?

Yes... but the Omegaverse books have really captured my imagination and my muse is shoving me in that direction at the moment, so I don't have any ETA on when they will be arriving. I have to follow my passion and hate forcing a book.

Bear Mountain 22 was semi-forced... all I really wanted to do was write Avery and Wilder's story.

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