Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Nailing the Foreman Companion Guide

I haven't written one of these companion guides in some time. While sounds/penile plugs/etc aren't new to my stories, it's been a while since I've had one in a story. I thought it might be good to add another companion guide now.  In Nailing the Foreman *spoiler alert* there's some urethral plug play that goes down, and for you guys who have no idea what that is, I'm going to share a little information.

Before I go ANY further...

If you are considering play like this, keep in mind a few things.  One -- anytime you are putting something like this in your body, keeping things clean and sanitized are important.  You run the risk of some serious infections if not. Two -- I am NOT an expert.  This post is for information purposes only -- so readers of Nailing the Foreman can understand the scene the two heroes share better.  If you are interested in trying this play, here's a great FAQ for urethral plugs and sounding HERE.

Urethral plugs (also sometimes called "sounds") are typically some type of narrow plug placed into the slit of a man's cock -- inside his urethra. Sounds tend to be thinner, and not necessarily plug shaped, so they are different than plugs.

Inserting something into the urethra is sometimes called "sounding"

Here's the basic concept

Not all guys enjoy this , but there are some who really get off from the sensation.  Unless it's a hollow tube (some are), a guy can't cum or pee while it's inserted, so it can be a bit of a torture device if worn long enough, if that's someone's thing.  A little pain with pleasure can be fun, if everyone's on board.

In fact, the one Zach wears in my story is called a "cum stopper". There's a thin plug attached to a ring that "locks" behind the glans.

A type of "cum stopper"

Now, this isn't the first time I've written about something like this.  I've had a Prince's Wand in The Dungeon Series, as well as others -- if you're interested in seeing more, you can read my older post HERE. It has pictures, info, and a lot more!

You can grab Nailing the Foreman today and see just how much fun Zach and Jason have with that cum stopper!  
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