Tuesday, May 9, 2017

UPDATE - JLC Construction Series

Morning folks!

All the JLC Construction Stories (Books 1-5) have been re-edited and updated. The new 2nd editions are now available on the Twisted E-Publishing website.

Very little has been added. I only tweaked a few sentences, caught a couple of grammatical errors, and noticed one guy had green eyes in one book and they were blue in the next.

So, if you've read them already -- NO, you DO NOT need to get new copies. The story themselves have not changed.

If you would like to purchase them elsewhere:

Smashwords has the new versions ready. 
Amazon might have them now -- just check that the version says 2.  If not, wait 24-48 hours to check.
iBooks should be good to go by the weekend.
BN are slowpokes and I'd wait until next week, to be sure you're getting the newest copy.

A good indicator if a site has updated their copies -- the covers for books 1-3 have changed from the cottage background to the blueprints. If they have the new covers, than I was assume they've updated the contents, as well.

In case you're wondering why I updated -- I am FINALLY getting around to publishing Nailing the Foreman.

It'll be here before you know it -- so catch up on the series before you dive into this one!

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