Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Dungeon Level Three Companion Guide

Level Three is here and here's a taste of some of the fun that Gabriel and Creigh explore while winning their invitation into the medical suite.

Some of this was covered in past guides, but level three was just too hot not a do a little repeating.

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I showed a couple of pictures in the guide to level two, but since level three goes into more detail, I thought the guide should as well.

Electroplay is sometimes considered cock and ball torture and some of it can become seriously extreme.  The closing of the circuit and allowing the 


The last image up there shows an electrified urethral plug inserted into a cockhead.  Now Sounding -- or use of a "sound" -- can be electric or non-electric, so it can be enjoyed outside electro-play.  Sounds come in soft silicone (especially good for the newbie sounder) to thick metal plugs that stretch the urethra painfully.

Some feel that sounds and urethral plugs are two different categories, but considering their similar use, I've kept them together for this guide.

One added benefit that urethral plugs have over silicone/soft sounds is the ability of orgasm denial.  The thicker metal plugs (as long as they're not hollow) can often prevent the wearer from coming, no matter how desperately he wants to.

Soft Sound

Urethral plug

Prince's Wands

Prince's wands are a form of sounding.  A Prince's Wand is a urethral plug that locks into a Prince Albert style piercing.  The wand can also be a part of a cock cage/chastity cage and lock the wearer into the device, to some regard.  Prince's Wands are one of my favorite kinks and I'm excited to bring it back into a story.  It was last seen in The Master's stories.

Chastity/Cock Cages

Gabriel loves the use of chastity cages on Creigh.  He of course started Creigh on softer silicone cages to get him used to wearing one, but once they reach level three, Gabriel is ready to move into steel.

This beauty from Steelwerks is called THE VAULT and it uses a Prince Albert piercing as part of the locking mechanism.  There are other chastity cages that don't require a wearer to be pierced, but many of them to have metal urethral plugs embedded within the caps, sounding the wearer and preventing them from coming.

Orgasm denial is a beautiful thing.  As is forced chastity from a master.

And for those of you who've read level three already... this is the cage Creigh covets near the end.  The one he's working toward in LEVEL FOUR.

Check out the Dungeon books to check out the fun these guys have with this!

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