Wednesday, May 3, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Savage (Project Zed, Book 2)

Six years of working for Project Zed showed MSgt Cutler Morrison all he thought he needed to know about the shifter world. He’d pledged his life to fight back the evil savagery of the wild creatures threatening to kill all humankind… until he realized that the heroes he was fighting with weren’t much in the way of heroes and the ones they were fighting against didn’t seem so hellbent on world domination, after all. Disillusioned, a fateful plane crash brought him down in the middle of shifter territory, and there he saw another side to the beasts he thought were evil.

On Cutler’s first mission with the shifters, they take down one of the weaponized creatures the project imprisoned and bring him to safety. He’s always had an odd connection to Subject Z-620. Cutler’s like a moth to the monster’s flame.

As more secrets about Project Zed come to light, they both have to come to terms with who they were, what they’ve done, and where the road leads…

#GayRomance #Paranormal #EroticRomance #Shifters #ProjectZed2


Same shit, different side…

MSgt Cutler Morrison III stood with the tranq gun raised in both hands, ready to pull the trigger again if the need arose. Six more darts were in his pocket, along with the three still in the chamber of the gun.

He’d taken the gun… sensing it would come in handy.

Because 620 couldn’t be hurt…

The thought took Cutler’s breath away.

“Clear!” he yelled as he saw several of his new team’s assets around him turning to look his way. He still wasn’t sure he was fighting on the right side of things, but something in his gut felt he was. Standing at the side of shifters went against everything he was. Everything he’d been trained for…

Everything he was as a soldier.

He stared down at the male before him, one he knew better than anyone there, not that he knew much. After six years working for Project Zed, he knew the torment these creatures went through. He’d seen the evil inside those labs.

He sensed the government was using the things they learned from the experiments for more than just finding weaknesses. Knowing how the military thought, he felt confident the scientists were working on a way to weaponize the shifters on a grander scale.

It was the only reason why they were working so hard as of late on the neural tech and the remotes. If they were building a beast army, he couldn’t let it happen.

The other shifters turned and raced away, looking for another fight as he stood there, knees weak. Guns fired in the distance… the sound as eerie as the fog rising from the ground.

He’d turned his back on the Corp. On humanity. He was fighting alongside Lore’s demons… only they weren’t demons at all. They were men, just like him in so many ways. They had families. Friends. Children. They just happened to shift into animal form on occasion.

Most were able to control it. Some, like the beast on the ground before him, couldn’t.

But they claimed there was a way… a serum.

If 620 could find his control… and be… just like Cal.

He took a few steps closer, the gun still cocked and ready.

His own breath calmed some as he saw the steady rise and fall of the creature’s chest. He’s okay.

Slowly, the beast returned to its human form… it seemed to be these creatures’ M.O. Get hurt, return to the form least offensive. Naked and sleeping, Z-620 looked much less menacing. Naked… and hard. Cutler tried to force his stare away from the engorged staff rising in the night air, his own traitorous body responding to the sight. He breathed deep, trying to quell the rising tide…

Until a hand snaked out and caught his ankle.

He shot three more darts into the male’s chest.

Mine,” the shifter growled before languidly passing out once more.

Cutler’s heart hammered in his chest as he stared at the male on the ground. Mine? He could barely comprehend what it meant.

With what was circling in his brain, he didn’t want to.

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