Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Three Bears.... oops, I mean JLC Construction...

A couple of years ago, I penned this ONE book.  Golden and the Three Bears.  It was supposed to be a single erotic fairy tale for a collection of "Twisted Fairy Tales" my publisher was doing...

I mean, who doesn't like a sexy twisted erotic fairy tale?

In my story, a lusty guy named Jax meets "Golden" at his recently passed grandmother's house.  Jax and he have a lot of heat together. so Jax brings him over for dinner where Golden meets his two roommates.  The guys are big, muscled, hairy, and beary.  They have a little MMMM fun, but by the end, I had Golden end up with only one of the three bears.

That left poor Linc and Colt out in the cold.

We couldn't have that!

Linc and Colt kept whispering in my ear, so eventually I decided to write stories about the other two bears. Figured I'd name the series "The Three Bears" and it would be cute to see the other bears find love themselves.

I love these guys and the world I'd started to build.  And I kept going with the fairy tale vibe... just a little.  But even by the last book, I could see things were evolving.

And then a book four happened.  Now that all the bears had found their loves, I felt like I needed to wrap things up on a happy note.  But then, during that story, I introduced a couple of characters who started speaking to me... so soon came book five.  

Soon, there will be a six released.  It had grown out of the "Three Bears" idea and into something a little larger.  Since the three original bears - Jax, Linc, and Colt - owned a construction business - JLC Construction, I decided to rename the series JLC Construction.

Easy, peasy, right?


The series was changed in Amazon well over a year ago, but they never updated the info.  We sent in a request months ago, and was ignored.  All the books remains "The Three Bears".

Nice cockblocking, Amazon.

So, I recently sent them a request to change it again.  They HAVE changed the individual books in the series to say JLC, but the series page (as I write this on Thors Day) still reads as The Three Bears.

So, if you got my newsletter and thought I'd linked to the wrong books, I didn't.  They are the correct books, Amazon just won't change the series name.

And yes, like I said, there is a sixth book FINALLY coming in this series...

Yes, the guy on the front looks familiar... but it's Jax's TWIN BROTHER, Jason. Now it's Jason's turn for a story...

And who knows where that will lead?

Oooh... and I can make this even more confusing...

Nailing the Foreman is ALSO....

A Kent Street Story, Book 3

Check out the whole series here:  JLC CONSTRUCTION BOOKS

***EDIT -- Since writing this, it appears Amazon finally got up off their asses and fixed the series information. *SHOCKED FACE* 
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