Monday, October 12, 2015

Who's Story is Next on BEAR MOUNTAIN????

The Bear Mountain Series is growing!  I've really enjoyed the world of the bears, enough to make what started out to only be a three-book series into much, much more.

So tell me!  Which characters are you waiting to see a story from?  Ben?  Red & Quentin?  Magnus? (And just who IS his brother bear?)

And what about that pregnant human they freed at the end of book 3?

**SPOILER ALERT**  Stop here if you haven't read books 3 or 4!

Hey -- I warned you.

Maybe Traylon and Oberon comes back from the dead ala soap opera magic and get their redemption story?? (Yeah, that's NOT going to happen, btw -- those two are beyond redemption.)

I want to hear from you, the readers.  Which characters are you excited to see come down the road?

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