Sunday, October 18, 2015

Guest Author - Adam Charles & Raven

Welcome Adam Charles back - he's sharing a bit from his recent release, Raven.

When Ben stops by Edgar Allan Poe's old dormitory, he gets more than he bargained for when he meets a mysterious man named Raven.

Ben tugged at his costume, not sure he was happy with it. Mark grinned from behind him, but that didn’t exactly help.

“You look great.” Mark handed him his black mask. “The perfect highwayman.”

Looking back to the mirror after donning the mask, Ben reassessed the billowing white shirt and tight leather pants. He put on the military jacket, which was navy blue with ornate bronze buttons on it. “I don’t know.” It didn’t look like a rented costume exactly, but it barely passed for eighteenth century. Mark had laughed at him in the rental store as he quietly criticized the authenticity of some of the costumes.

Mark turned him halfway around. “I do. Your ass looks great. I expect to be coming home alone tonight.”

Ben wiggled away. He and Mark had only ever been friends, so it was a bit weird having Mark assess his butt. “We only met two days ago. Nothing’s going to happen.”

Mark shrugged but said nothing. He put on a black cape with a bright purple lining over a tuxedo that seemed to have seen better days. He added a white mask that covered half his face. He spun in a circle and made the cape billow around him. “Not bad. Maybe I’ll be the one to get lucky.”

Ben tugged on his jacket again. He and Raven had been texting since the morning of the day before, and they’d even talked on the phone last night. Ben really liked him, and he wanted something to spark between them tonight, but no way was he going to tell Mark that.

“Maybe I should be the Phantom. At least I can sing,” Ben said. He shrugged his shoulders again, and the jacket finally sat a little better on his frame.

“This guy doesn’t care about your costume. He invited us so he could see you without seeming like a dick for taking you away from me.” He tugged on Ben’s arm. “Come on. Let’s go.”

Ben thought about that as they drove to the library. As they walked across the lawn, Ben scanned around for Raven.

“There he is,” Mark whispered.

Ben looked where Mark had nodded, and he saw Raven moving toward them. He wore all black and had a hooded cape draped over his shoulders. He donned a black mask as he approached.

“Glad you could make it,” Raven said as he adjusted the mask.

“Wouldn’t miss it for anything,” Mark said, moving to the side. “You two have fun.” He dashed off, despite the look Ben tried to give him.

Raven laughed. “I like him. He’s quite keen on us hooking up.”

Ben didn’t know if he was blushing, but he was suddenly very glad to be wearing a mask. “Yes, he certainly is.”

“You look very dashing.” Raven moved closer and tipped Ben’s chin up. “I think we shouldn’t disappoint your friend.” He paused, but then he brought their lips together.

“He is one of my dearest friends,” Ben said softly after the brief kiss.

“Come on. I’ll show you another supposedly haunted location.”

Ben let himself be led away from the library. His leather pants had gotten even tighter after Raven’s kiss, which made walking a bit awkward. Raven reached out for his hand, and the contact felt good.

“I’m not just looking for a fling here,” Raven said as he drew Ben toward a wooded area. “You only live a few hours away, and I’ll be done with my degree before long.”

“So you have plans beyond getting in my pants?” Ben asked as Raven brought them to a clearing and pulled him close.

“Yeah, but right now, that is the priority.” Raven kissed him again and cupped his ass. Nibbling on his ear, he said, “And we don’t have to fuck, but I want to make you come.”

“You’re clean?” Ben asked.

“Yeah. Been single for a while. But I brought condoms anyway.”

“Condoms plural?” Ben teased. “You’re optimistic.”

“We talked for two hours last night. Of course I am,” Raven said with a smile. The moon illuminated his handsome face perfectly.

“So what’s special about this place?” Ben asked, looking around.

Raven spread his cape over the ground and sat, pulling Ben down to sit beside him. “A couple with very rich parents who hated each other used to meet here to have sex. The girl became pregnant, but she died in childbirth. The guy used to come here to remember her, and he claimed that, if he touched himself, he could hear her moaning.”

Ben’s eyebrows shot up. “I’m guessing that one’s not anywhere on the UVA website.”

Raven laughed. “No, it’s not.” He caressed Ben’s cheek. “You want to go back to the party, or stay here?”

“I’d have to call you a tease if we went back to the party.” He licked his lips. “Though I do want you to keep that mask on.”

Raven chuckled. “Do you?”

“Oh yeah. Very sexy with your dark hair.”

“Funny. I want you out of those leather pants as soon as possible, even though I love how you look in them.” He slid his hand over Ben’s leg and cupped him. “You top or bottom, baby?”

“Both.” Ben shrugged out of his jacket and began working to get his shirt off. “But tonight, I think I’d like to be fucked.”

Raven moved back and simply watched him undressing. Ben couldn’t help shaking a little under that intense gaze. He reclined on his elbows once he was naked. Raven pushed his own hair behind his ears and bent to kiss Ben, his fingers stroking Ben’s chest lazily. He tweaked Ben’s nipple and made Ben gasp, and he laughed and deepened the kiss while his fingers kept working the bud. Ben had to muffle a cry when Raven moved to replace his fingers with his mouth and torment the already sensitive peak. Ben stroked himself, his balls aching with seed.

Raven stripped very quickly and got on his knees. “Come over here and suck me. I’ve been thinking about your mouth since we met.”

Ben inched down and rolled to his side. He lapped at Raven’s cock head and tasted fluid on the tip. He moaned as he took more, his hand on Raven’s thigh. He watched as Raven thrust forward. Though tall and lean, Raven had a lot of muscle to him, and Ben couldn’t help admiring it. He took Raven’s cock deeper and let it pass into his throat.

“God, that’s so good.” Raven yanked on his hair and pulled him back.

Ben didn’t know what he intended at first, but then he was pushed to his back on the ground. Raven pumped his cock a moment before bending over and kissing along Ben’s stomach.

“Your skin’s so soft,” Raven said. His mouth inched lower and lower. “Can I rim you?”

“Sure. I showered before getting ready.”

Raven laughed and came up to kiss him. “That wasn’t why I was asking. Some guys think it’s gross no matter what.”

Ben held him close for another kiss. “You don’t need permission to do anything with that mouth.”

“Then get on your hands and knees.”

Ben did so right away. Raven got behind him and made him spread his legs wider. He cupped Ben’s ass cheeks and squeezed them before lowering his mouth to kiss and bite them. Ben pushed back to encourage him. No one had ever bitten him before, and he liked the little bite of pain. He gasped at what came next. Raven actually spread his hole and slid his tongue right in. He worked his tongue in slow circles to prepare Ben. It made his entrance supersensitive, and he clenched a little. Despite the chill that had crept into the air after the sun set, Ben’s skin was on fire. Raven moaned against his flesh and rolled his tongue, giving him a taste of the real fucking to come. A couple of guys had licked him, but he’d never been eaten out this thoroughly before. Raven lapped at him with abandon, moving down every now and then to lick and suck his balls.

Then Raven drew back and slapped him on both ass cheeks. Ben’s mouth fell open, and he looked back at Raven.

“That okay?” Raven asked, his hands now massaging Ben’s ass.

“Yes.” Ben lowered his head as Raven’s fingers teased his hole. “And I was only hoping for a little making out before the end of the night.”

Raven pushed two fingers into him. “We’ll do that, too. I like to cuddle afterwards.”

Those fingers made it hard to concentrate, let alone talk.

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