Sunday, October 25, 2015

Guest Author - April Andrews Brings Us The Omega Auctions, Book Two

Welcome returning guest, April Andrews, as she shares a bit of her story -- The Omega Auctions, Book Two

If you’re born an omega, you don’t get to stay with your pack. Instead, you’re sent to the Omega Auctions, a place where wolves are traded between packs...and those trades aren’t always what the omegas want them to be...

As an omega, Robbie Huxley was auctioned for the first time at just nine years old. The second time he was fifteen, and the third time he was eighteen. For Robbie, each auction has meant a crueler, meaner master, and a life that he loathes with every fiber of his being.

The week before he is due to be auctioned for the fourth time, Robbie decides that the only option left to him is to try to run. He knows that it will be difficult, because omegas are strictly forbidden to leave their pack, but Robbie doesn’t see any other option. If he is ever going to have a chance at a life with even a tiny bit of happiness he has to strike out on his own.

But Robbie doesn’t know there is a wolf whose job it is to hunt down, and bring back, escaping omegas. And that wolf is coming after him with a very specific purpose in mind... 


Before long they were naked and Chase carried Robbie through to the living room. It looked out onto the ocean and the waves beat in the distance. Chase had always thought that view to be indescribably beautiful but Robbie beat even that. He stood before Chase, naked and proud, his cock jutting out. The length was thick and hard, the head reddened and wet. 

“Love your cock,” Chase whispered. 

“It loves you,” Robbie replied and Chase laughed. 

“Later I’ll suckle it,” he said. “Suckle it into you come down my throat.”

“I want to suckle yours,” Robbie said. 

Chase shuddered. He wanted Robbie’s lips wrapped around his cock. He wanted to see Robbie looking up at him as he suckled the whole length down. He wanted it bad. But for now only one thing would ease the ache that was clawing away at him. 

“We’ll do that later too,” he said. “But for now...” He gestured to the couch. “I want you to bend over that for me.” 

Robbie complied immediately. He moved into the exact right position, his ass high in the air, his legs spread. His cock was wedged nicely against the arm of the couch and Chase knew it would rock against that arm as they fucked, meaning Robbie would come simply from a good ass fucking. 

How perfect was that?

How beautiful did he look?

“Want to taste you,” Chase whispered, and then he fell to his knees and he spread Robbie’s ass cheeks. 

Once the other man was open to him, Chase licked all the way from Robbie’s pucker to his balls. Over and over he did that until Robbie was panting beneath him. Once Chase was sure that Robbie was nice and wet he straightened up. Robbie was completely bent over the couch now, moaning with desire. Seeing the other male in such an erotic position only heightened Chase’s desire. 

Unable to wait any longer, he took his cock in hand and steered it to Robbie’s reddened pucker. 

“Yes,” Robbie panted as he felt Chase’s cock head nudge against his folds. 

“You want this?” Chase asked. “Want it to fill you?”

“I’ve wanted it from the very first moment,” Robbie moaned. “I want it now.”

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