Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Bear lays with human, not bear.

Or so the old bear law has always said. It was beaten into Declan and his brother bear, Ryder’s heads since they were small, just like every other cub in school. Yet when they find their mate, an omega, sneaking a dip in the mountain’s spring, Declan can’t ignore the need he feels, bear or not.

Ryder feels the same lusts, but he’s much more concerned about an omega being their mate. He knows claiming another bear could get them exiled. He stops Declan before things go too far, but even that isn’t enough to stop them from being sent off bear lands.

Gage knows his mates when he sees them, but also knows they can never be together. As an omega, he’s the lowest chaste in the bear world, an invisible slave to those above him. The fantasy is too scary to imagine, no matter how much his body yearns to be claimed by the two handsome males.

It’ll take the bear world to be flipped upside down for the three of them to find a way to be together.


“What’s your name?” Declan asked.

“Gage,” the omega answered, staying as far from Declan and Ryder as he likely possibly could.

“My name’s Declan.” He turned and pointed to Ryder. “And this is Ryder, my brother bear.”

Gage looked warily between them. When Declan stepped into the pool, Gage was quick to scatter out of it. Ryder remained on the outskirts, watching everything unfold.

“Where are you going?” Declan asked, only one foot in the water.

“I’ll leave you to enjoy the pool,” Gage said, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Don’t go.” Declan stepped deeper into the pool, the water swallowing him. “I want you to stay.”

Gage hung half in, half out of the pool, watching them. Ryder worried it was all too much for the omega and that they were scaring him—but then he saw the shining head of Gage’s hard cock popping up from under the water.

Scared or not, the omega felt the same desire running through him and Declan, he was almost sure of it. His own cock hung thick and heavily, jutting before him. Declan had been in the same condition, both unable to control their lust for the omega.

We need to leave. Before things go too far. Yet Ryder stood there, frozen. As much as he knew it was wrong, it all just felt so… right.
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