Saturday, October 17, 2015

To My Readers

I'm about to do something I should've done much sooner.


When An Omega for Two Bears came out, I was torn.  I knew that my very private and personal story at the end could bring me back to a very dark place and I was completely sure I wanted to add it at all.

I've never spoken much about my rape during my lifetime.  I internalized a lot of the emotions I felt after the fact.  I think a lot of rape survivors can relate to hiding how we feel.  So for me to be open and honest about it to a world full of readers, well, it was scary as hell.

I received so much more than I could've ever hoped for.  All of the messages, emails, and comments in reviews for the book were so positive, many thanking me for including my story and that it helped them just a little bit, as well.

A few made me cry.  Others made me smile.  And all of them made me realize how wonderful my readers really are.

The last month has proven how lucky I am to have you reading my books.

While I typically don't tackle issues like this in my books -- let's be honest, my raunchy little books are written to be light and entertaining -- I'm so very glad I went there in the last bear's book.

The rest of the books in this series will have big shoes to fill from the sounds of it.  Hopefully I can make them pass muster.
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