Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NOW AVAILABLE! Claimed by Two Bears is OUT NOW!

Raised by bear shifters, Paul has always felt out of place. As a human, he’s not allowed to play a role in the shifter community he’s been surrounded by his entire life. When his job at Bear Mountain is jeopardized, he considers leaving the only home he’s ever known to seek out the thing that’s always felt missing in his life.

Betas Brynn and Tomas awaited their human mate for many years. When an orphaned infant showed up on their doorstep, they knew the male would one day grow to be their mate. Ignoring their protective instincts, they left the valley and the male behind, knowing they couldn't be in his life or they’d threaten the future they'd one day have together.

When the two bears finally return to find Paul a man, they know it’s time to claim what they’ve always known was theirs.

Red backed up and let them in before turning to a large gathering of shifters.  “Look who the cat dragged in.”
Brynn walked in, immediately surveying the group of males at the table.  It took him less than six seconds to find his mate.  He ignored everyone else, his focus clearly on one and only one.
The human stared back, a confused look on his handsome face.  Brynn sucked in a breath as he viewed the man, so changed.  He was tall and slim.  Brynn could tell even while the human sat.  His chest was strong, muscles peeking from under his rolled up sleeves.  Paul had dark hair and eyes that reminded Brynn of the scared young woman who’d landed on their doorstep twenty-five years before.
Brynn looked at Tomas, who also had the human pinned in his gaze.  He could feel the heat coming off Tomas in waves and smiled, knowing the bear had only needed a little prodding.
Quentin walked out at that moment, carrying a large tray of food.  “Did I hear we have two more guests?”
Quentin put the tray down and rounded the table to welcome them both with a big bear hug.  “About time you got here,” he whispered in Brynn’s ear.  “He’s ready to leave the mountain.”
Brynn frowned.  “Leave?”
“He feels like he doesn’t belong.”  Quentin squeezed Brynn’s shoulder. “Hopefully I won’t have to worry about that now.”
Quentin turned to the table, where there were two empty place settings once everyone sat back down.  “Good thing I was expecting the two of you.  Have a seat.”
“We can’t have a moment to freshen up a little?” Tomas asked.
“You should’ve arrived sooner,” Red said.  “It’s past time to eat.”
Brynn sat down across from Paul.  The human’s stare was heated across the table.  “Since it’s my birthday dinner, maybe someone could introduce me to our guests.”
Feeling his eyes flash with lust, Brynn leaned over his plate.  Paul’s eyes widened when he apparently saw the illumination. 
“I’m Brynn.  This is Tomas.”
Paul looked between them, his stare darkening. As his lids narrowed, he asked a question. “Do I know you?”

Brynn felt his insides twist.  The human sensed their bond.  Brynn was sure of it.  “Not yet.”  He felt his eyes flicker again and knew he saw a hint of lust in the human’s eyes.  “But you will soon enough.”

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