Sunday, August 23, 2015

Guest Author - April Andrews and The Omega Auctions

Welcome April Andrews back to my blog as this week's guest.  She's brought along a bit of her new release, The Omega Auctions.

If you’re born an omega, you don’t get to stay with your pack. Instead, you’re sent to the Omega Auctions, a place where wolves are traded between packs. Those bidding at the auction might be looking for help on their farms, companions for their family members, or even something else entirely…

For Stephen, he has known since he was a pup that he’d end up in the Omega Auctions and he’s always seen it as his chance to escape from the pack that has rejected him and start a new life elsewhere. So long as he can find a way to bring his only remaining family member with him Stephen doesn’t much care where he ends up…at least that was what he always thought…but on the day of the auction Stephen is bid on by a strange wolf from a distant pack. That wolf wants Stephen for one thing and one thing only…to breed him.

Stephen is faced with a hard choice. Either to accept his new status as a breeding wolf and keep his family together, or fight against it, and lose not just his family and his new pack, but any hope he ever had of a new life.


“I’m going to penetrate you now, Stephen,” Daryl whispered. “Going to feed you an inch at a time.”

“Yes,” Stephen gasped because Daryl’s cock-head was demanding entry and Stephen’s ass was stretching to accommodate it, Daryl’s pre-cum easing the way.

“And when I’m settled deep inside of you,” Daryl continued. “There will be no going back. There will be no chance for second thoughts.”

Stephen could only groan his agreement. Daryl’s cock was sliding in, an inch and then another, and it felt better than Stephen could ever have imagined. His ass was filling up, the nerve endings along his channel welcoming the invasion. They tingled and they flexed and in an instant Stephen was hard again.

“Because you know what happens when I’m fully seated,” Daryl gasped. His hands were gripping Stephen tight as he fed another inch in. Stephen’s ass greedily accepted it.

“Yes,” Stephen moaned.

“I’ll knot you,” Daryl added and his voice rose on the last word because he added another inch and then another and Stephen’s channel flexed with pleasure before releasing juices of his own, drenching Daryl’s cock, easing the way for those final inches.

“And then neither of us have any control over what happens,” Daryl gasped. “None.”

And then he was in, the final inch and Stephen moaned with delight—both his cock and his ass twitching with absolute pleasure. Daryl moaned too because a moment later his cock swelled, the head increasing in size to at least double what it had been. It hooked in place inside Stephen, binding them together, so that even if they wanted to, there was nothing either of them could do now to separate. They were locked together until they both came.

That was the way of the wolf. 
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