Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Mancraving (Slightly SFWish with Luke Macfarlane)

I'm not a watcher of many regular network TV.  I like my Netflix so I can binge between books and my SyFy Friday night.

Of course, I DVR my SyFy Friday night and watch it over coffee and eggs late Sunday morning -- and I only recorded Defiance and Dark Matter.

Why I never gave Killjoys a chance until this past weekend and bingewatched the who series up to this point Sunday afternoon is beyond me.

Especially when there is THIS on the show.


Julliard trained and this pretty?  *fans self*

Apparently he's been on a few short-lived series.  Hopefully Killjoys is here to stay around a while because he needs to get big -- in a big way.  I really struggled to find pictures of him scantily clad.  It's just not fair.

Fear not!  I did find some good ones to share.

And to top it ALL off?

He's gay.

*fans self harder*

You ALL can look forward to some Killjoys/Luke Macfarlane (yeah, that's the spelling I keep finding online -- not the cap F like the story above, so not 100% -- I'm going with the lower case since I found it much more often.) being the muse to my brain coming up real soon.


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