Sunday, August 30, 2015

Guest Author - Adam Charles and Given to the Beast

Welcome new author Adam Charles as this week's guest.  He's brought a bit of his new release - Given to the Beast

Michael has never been afraid of any challenge. When the tyrannical beast that rules his land demands a mate—a strong, virile man—Michael volunteers. He does so to save his village from the creature’s wrath and prevent the beast from following through with his threat and coming in the night to steal a mate. He goes to the castle certain he knows exactly what he’s in store for, but what he actually finds changes his life forever. 

Michael’s gaze took in everything. The table in the high-ceilinged dining room held enough food for twenty people. It was seven o’clock, yet the beast wasn’t there. Michael jumped when a chair slid back. He moved to it and sat down, waiting. He noticed a note by his plate and read it.

I hunt for my food. You may dine alone tonight. Once I’ve taken you, I’ll join you so we may converse.

The note struck him as oddly civilized. Music drifted in from somewhere, and Michael helped himself to the food before him. There was lamb and potatoes and every kind of vegetable. Fragrant soups and fruits caught his attention as well. He ate the largest meal of his life, enjoying the desserts most of all, as he’d rarely had many before. The wine lulled him, but when he was done, he felt nervous again.

Michael kept thinking of how large the beast was. Kyros could overpower him so easily and do anything he desired. He likely wouldn’t slow in his passion when fully aroused. Michael knew he could take a rough fucking, but Kyros’s strength made him worry. Those claws or fangs could hurt him easily. He wondered about the scratches he’d seen on the girls.

“Scared to come to me?”

Michael looked up to see Kyros walking into the room. He wore leather breeches again but no boots. His mane-like hair fell about himself wildly from being wet earlier. He looked even larger and more powerful as he swaggered into the room.

“Just thinking.”

Kyros came over to his chair and took him by the chin. Looking down into his face, he asked, “What about?”

“The scratches I saw on the girls.”

“Too much struggling will do that.”

“You fucked each of them?”

“The ones who didn’t faint when they saw my cock.” He ran one claw over Michael’s cheek. “Jealous?”

Michael drew away. “Of course not.”

“Frightened then.”

Sitting up straighter, Michael said, “I’m not afraid to be fucked. I’m no timid youth.”

Kyros took him by the chin again and kissed him. Michael started at the contact, the warmth and softness of the beast’s lips surprising him. He could feel the fangs grazing his lips, and that strong tongue worked into his mouth and explored. Michael tipped his head back as the kiss deepened. The sensations were strange, yet it was more sensual than any other kiss he’d ever experienced. A rumble came from Kyros’s chest as they parted, and those yellow eyes stared down at him.

“See, that was not so bad. You’re right. You’re not a timid, cowering youth. You’re a fine specimen I’ll enjoy having beneath me.”

“Then we might as well go upstairs.”

“To get it over with?” Kyros asked.

Michael rose. “Over with? You said you’d want me almost every night.”

Kyros began walking across the room, and Michael followed in silence. As they mounted the stairs, Kyros asked, “Is anything in your room lacking?”

“No. It’s more lavish and luxurious than anything I’ve ever experienced. I explored it, and I couldn’t think of anything else I would need.”

Kyros opened a door a ways down the hall from the room Michael had been given. The chamber was easily three times the size of Michael’s, and the bed was large enough for four people. Michael walked in a few feet and waited. Kyros closed the door and came up behind him. Michael felt his heat, his hard muscles, and his cock.

“And what of your other needs? Today was not your first time to suck a cock. You almost seemed to enjoy it. You swallowed my seed as if you’ve done that before as well.”

“I had two male lovers, as I said.”

Kyros took him by the hips and ground his cock against Michael. “Yes, you told me. I don’t like that, yet I’m glad you’ve been broken in.”

“Broken in? Am I a horse now?”

“I’ll be riding you quite often.” Kyros leaned down and sniffed his hair, breathing deeply. “This first time, I’ll make sure you’re well prepared.”

“I won’t be able to take all of you,” Michael said as Kyros moved away.

“You think not?”

Michael shook his head. “You’re too large.”

Kyros nodded to the bed. “Undress and go to the bed.”

Michael did so slowly, laying his clothes on a trunk and propping his boots beside it. Kyros watched him, unlacing his own breeches. Michael made himself watch as Kyros freed his cock. The beast shed the breeches and stroked himself.

“Come over here and kneel. I want you to suck me again.”

Michael obeyed, kneeling and leaning forward to lick at the head. He suckled it and slowly took more. Kyros didn’t rush him this time. Michael drew back and laved the underside of the long, thick shaft to give his jaw a rest.

Kyros lifted his shaft a little. “Lick them.”

Michael eyed the heavy balls before him and then leaned closer. There was a little fur on them, but it wasn’t so bad. The musky smell helped, his own cock responding in a primitive way to the scent. He mouthed them, feeling how tight and full of seed they were.

Kyros backed away, his yellow eyes blazing. “You’ve been too long without the touch of another male, I think.”

“Because I obey you?”

“Because that mouth is so sweet and eager.”

Michael cast his gaze down. What they’d just done hadn’t been unpleasant. He’d done it before and even rimmed both of his lovers. “You’d prefer me that way, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes. Get up on the bed. On your hands and knees.”

Michael did so and moved to the middle of the bed. Kyros got on his knees on the mattress and presented his cock to Michael’s mouth again. Michael tilted his head and took as much as he could. This time Kyros held his head and thrust into his mouth with more force. Michael gagged a little, and Kyros gripped his neck tighter. Another growl came. Michael was growing used to them.

Kyros broke the contact, his hand moving down Michael’s spine. “You’re strong. Well muscled.” He gripped one ass cheek, his claws making indentations. “And I can’t wait to sink into you.”

Kyros went down on his hands and knees and moved behind Michael. He took both of Michael’s cheeks in hand and spread them. A tremor moved over Michael as he felt the beast’s hot breath on him.

“I can’t finger you, so I must loosen you this way.”

Michael closed his eyes as that rough tongue licked over his hole. His fingers twisted in the sheets as the muscle yielded, letting Kyros’s tongue breach him. He began to pant as it moved in and out of him, the rough, deep rimming making his cock throb and leak. Kyros pressed so deep, his mouth locked over Michael’s hole and his fangs pressed into the skin. Would they nick him? He trembled a little at the thought.

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