Sunday, August 16, 2015

Guest Author - Yuki Edo and Tainted

Welcome Yuki Edo back to my blog - she's sharing a bit of her new release, Tainted, Book Five of her Nine Tails series.

Lorn hoped he’d prove his worth to everyone when he was given a new mission from Inari, but he didn’t plan on one of Inari’s kitsune tagging along. When it becomes obvious Shigure’s protectiveness is part of a seduction plan, Lorn grows even more annoyed with Shigure, who insists he can’t love even though he clings to Lorn more each and every day. When danger engulfs them, both men must face old enemies to save the love neither is willing to acknowledge.

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Shigure snapped a picture of the man with his phone and then leaned against the brick wall. Hana and the man whispered for a while, but when they got in the car, they kissed. For a very long time. She got out about ten minutes later and said good-bye to him.

Lorn watched her walk away and then turned to Shigure, who was looking at the picture he’d taken. Once Hana was gone and the man had driven away, Shigure said, “We’ll work on finding out who he is tomorrow. He looks harmless to me, but in street clothes, it’s hard to say who he might be.”

“All right,” Lorn gripped the railing next to the building, “That sounds—ow!” He yanked his hand back and saw blood welling up in his palm.

Shigure rushed over to him and took his hand, his gaze focused on the cut with great intensity. “It’s not bad. Let’s get you back to my place.” He opened a portal and pulled Lorn through.

They emerged in Shigure’s bathroom, and the kitsune made him lean against the counter. He retrieved a first aid kit and rummaged in it for a minute. “Let me see,” Shigure said, looking a bit tense.

Lorn held out his hand, and Shigure cleaned it. “Can’t you heal it with your powers?”

“Yes, but healing it isn’t worth much if I seal dirt and germs under your skin.” He finished cleaning it and then rinsed the skin with water. Next, he began licking Lorn’s palm.

“Is that necessary?” Lorn asked, even though he rather liked the sensation.

“Yes,” Shigure said, continuing to lave the skin.

The wound was beyond healed, yet he kept licking and kissing Lorn’s palm. “I think I’m fine now,” Lorn said. He drew away and leaned over the sink to wash his face. The intimate act made him needful, and he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do about it. He simply needed a moment to think.

But he soon found that Shigure knew exactly what he wanted to do about the tension between them. Shigure pressed close and placed Lorn’s hands on the counter, keeping him bent over. “Don’t move.”

To Lorn’s surprise, he couldn’t move at all. He could wiggle a bit, but he was stuck in that position. Bent over the sink with his ass sticking out and Shigure’s cock pressed against him. Shigure reached around and turned the water off, and then he ran his hands down Lorn’s back.

“You look so good like this. You have no clue how beautiful you are,” Shigure said.

“What are you going to do?” Lorn asked quietly.

“I’m going to claim what’s mine.”

Lorn felt sharp nails play at the back of his neck, and then Shigure ripped his shirt in half. It slipped down his arms to rest on the counter, and Shigure ran those sharp nails teasingly down his spine. His lips soon followed, and Lorn shivered. He’d never felt anything quite as erotic as that light touch. He’d known the kitsune all had claws they could bring out at will, but he’d never imagined them being used in this way.

“I love the taste of your skin.” Shigure’s hands came around to caress his chest and stomach as Shigure’s mouth continued to move over his back.

“How’re you doing this?”

Shigure looked up and met his gaze in the mirror. “Licking you. Taking your blood. A bit gross, but I can control you for a few minutes now. By the time the magic fades, you’ll want me so much you won’t resist.”

Lorn lifted his head a bit as Shigure kissed his neck, their gazes still locked. “So I’m about to be fucked?”

“Make me believe you don’t want me, and I’ll stop.”

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