Sunday, February 22, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Receive, Men's League 3

The final book in the trilogy is here and it's the hottest one yet!

Did you feel like Nash was being left out in the cold?  I sure did. Now he gets his chance at happiness with Marcus!  Did you see that one coming?

Quarterback Nash Carter has been at war, fighting to keep his space on The Rockets arena team. Using the only weapon he knows, his body, he gives himself over to the team owner, Bailey Thompson, in hopes of keeping his career alive. Too bad his wannabe replacement has done the same, pitting the two men against one another on and off the field—and Nash soon realizes he’s the loser.

Marcus Samuels is Bailey’s best friend and financial advisor. He wanted Nash before Bailey ever laid hands on the man, but had to crush his lust as he watched the two self-destruct. Once the smoke clears, he’s ready to take what he sees as his, and only Nash’s full surrender will do.

Cocky Nash has a reputation for self-destructing and pushing away anything good in his life. Can Marcus show Nash how deserving he is before it’s too late?  

“I’ll get something for you to wear,” Marcus said, passing by Nash to get to his bedroom. The last thing he wanted was to hand Nash anything to cover up with, but Nash had seemed quite adamant that nothing would happen.

Marcus’ natural dominant tendencies were screaming in his head. There was a closet full of leather cuffs and harnesses, which would look better on Nash than anything in his drawer. He ignored them and dug through for an old pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Marcus was larger than Nash’s slim QB body, but the items would do temporarily. Before heading back out into the living room, he took a deep breath and tried to get ahold of himself. He needed to respect Nash’s comment about no sex. The guy was apparently dealing with something, and Marcus wasn’t going to overstep his bounds. He should want to overstep them.

He headed back into the living room and handed the clothing to Nash.

“Thanks,” Nash said before shoving one leg into a pants leg. “I appreciate the help.”

Marcus shrugged. “No problem.” He sat down on his leather couch and watched Nash dress, aggravated it was dressing in the wrong direction. Marcus wanted to watch the athlete strip, not cover up. “Mind telling me what just happened downstairs?”

Nash tied off the drawstring of the pants to help keep them from falling down his narrow hips. Marcus’ gaze drifted over the deep cuts at Nash’s hips, knowing they’d be a perfect spot to hold on to the man as he drove deep into Nash’s ass. He took a deep breath and glanced up at Marcus. “I was done being treated like shit.”

“What took you so long?” Marcus asked.

One of Nash’s eyebrows rose. “I had my reasons for doing what I did.”
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