Saturday, February 28, 2015

March Writing Update

March is almost here -- and hopefully will be bringing some warmer temps along with it.  I really picked the wrong year to move north!

But all that cabin fever has allowed me extra time to write.

February was busy.  Claiming Callum came out early in the month, the first of a new Sci-Fi series, The Alaxian Heirs.  My football series just concluded with the release of Receive, and then following quickly on it's heels, my short along with April Andrews for Bound By Him, just came out this week.  That's three releases in February!  I'm exhausted!

Things will be slowing down a bit this month and next as I work on a new project.  My typical every two week release may slow a bit to every three weeks in the near future... and then down to once per month.  I've got other projects on the board and need to devote some time there.

But the books will still come!

The next Alaxian Heirs book is up next.  Taking Kye will continue the story started in Claiming Callum.

After Kye's story, we'll return to my Twisted Fairy Tale and get Colt his happily ever... well, at least his happy for now.  I'm not exactly a believer in happily ever after.  It's not realistic and hey, we can all enjoy a HFN with a bright forecast.

Colt and his straight plumber will struggle a bit, but in the end, all will be fine.

Of course, I still have the final Barbarian story on the schedule, but Dayn is being a tricky bitch and just not telling me his tale.

Coming up is a secret project, another Alaxian Heir, and I am seriously considering more from the world of Bound.  I loved that story so much, I just can't see not taking it further.  The wheels are turning, trust me -- which is why some of you noticed the ? after The End.

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