Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Release: Bound By Him by Kelex and April Andrews

That's right -- April and I have joined forces to bring you into the world of the member-only BDSM club, Bound.

April Andrews and Kelex join forces to bring you two scintillating short gay BDSM tales…

Straight Outta Bumfuck, by Kelex

Texan transplant Levi is desperate for a job, and walks into the door of Bound, a BDSM member-only club, when he sees the help wanted sign in the window—without realizing where he is. Once he learns the truth, he figures bartending is bartending, no matter where, as long as the money is green.

Only Bound’s owner, Alex, wants to ensure Levi knows what he’s in for. He introduces Levi to the world of submission and nearly loses himself in Levi’s naivety and raw lust.

Nicky’s Bear, by April Andrews

Jasper has always found the submissives he desires at Bound, but this time it is not a submissive he finds at all. Nicky the delivery driver is completely unschooled in the ways of BDSM, but he makes Jasper's heart thump and his head spin.

Jasper is going to teach Nicky all he knows, but before the night's through, it might be Jasper who learns a lesson in loving and Nicky the one who gives it to him.

Welcome to the world of Bound.


And don't forget -- Receive -- the final book in the Men's League Trilogy just dropped last week!  So, two weeks and two new releases -- don't miss any of the heat.

Quarterback Nash Carter has been at war, fighting to keep his space on The Rockets arena team. Using the only weapon he knows, his body, he gives himself over to the team owner, Bailey Thompson, in hopes of keeping his career alive. Too bad his wannabe replacement has done the same, pitting the two men against one another on and off the field—and Nash soon realizes he’s the loser.

Marcus Samuels is Bailey’s best friend and financial advisor. He wanted Nash before Bailey ever laid hands on the man, but had to crush his lust as he watched the two self-destruct. Once the smoke clears, he’s ready to take what he sees as his, and only Nash’s full surrender will do.

Cocky Nash has a reputation for self-destructing and pushing away anything good in his life. Can Marcus show Nash how deserving he is before it’s too late?  
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