Monday, February 2, 2015

February Writing Update

Howdy all -- here is an update for February and what's coming next.

First, I'll be finishing off the Arena Football Series with Receive, the third and final installment.  Nothing I like more than some hot athletes fucking.  All that muscle... sigh.

Once Receive is done, Bound by Him, a book I'm working with April Andrews to release will finally be here.  April and I are both doing short tales for Bound, both in the same fictional world and inside the BDSM club called... you guessed it... Bound.  My short with club owner Alex and new bartender/cowboy Levi is hot, hot, hot, and I can't wait for it to arrive.  The short is called Straight Outta Bumfuck and I loved it so much, I've already talked to April about returning to the club for more combined stories in the future.

Dayn's story -- Barbarian Four -- is on my schedule still.  Dayn is still remaining mum and not helping me out.  I won't force it, because if I force it, the story won't be something I'm happy with.  It is coming.

There's a secret story in development, but I'm not talking about that one yet.  When it gets closer, I'll give it up.  Let's just say, those of you into hardcore claiming stories and dubcon will likely be pleased.

I have a few stories whispering in my ear and as soon as one of them comes and smacks me on the ass, then I'll write it.  And they better smack hard because I like it rough.

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