Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Welcome Yuki Edo back to my blog.  The second story out of her Nine Tails series, Wild Cherry Blossoms is here today.

The kitsune Daisuke has met someone new, someone very different from all of the casual lovers in his past. He fears opening up and giving his heart to anyone but Inari, the great kami he serves. Though Kaoru isn’t inexperienced, he seems too pure and innocent for Daisuke to pull into his complicated life. But that decision is made for him when someone else entangles Kaoru in the supernatural world. Happiness is there for the taking, if only Daisuke will reach for it and trust those who care for him. The fates matched this couple long ago, but it's up to them to work everything out in the end.


Kaoru paced in the bathroom. I can’t believe I actually did it. He gazed at the bathroom door, sensing Daisuke as he entered the room. Ever since he’d put on the necklace Daisuke had given him, he’d been able to sense when the other man was near. Kaoru hesitated, but then the door opened. Daisuke leaned against the jamb, his gaze roaming up and down Kaoru’s body. He’d taken a quick shower and only wore a towel at his waist.
“I think we’ve both been kept waiting long enough,” Daisuke said as he walked into the bathroom. He pulled at Kaoru’s towel and made it hit the floor. Leaning in, he whispered, “This is what you want? No objections after this.”
“Then come make your choice.” Daisuke walked away, and Kaoru followed, not sure what was happening.
On the bed, Kaoru saw a paddle, a riding crop, a small flogger, a ruler, and even a bamboo stalk. Daisuke stood off to the side and slowly undressed.
“I can use my hand as well, if you prefer.”
Kaoru stepped forward and touched the flogger. It was softer than he’d expected, made of strips of suede instead of leather. He picked it up and ran it over his palm. “This one.”
Daisuke, now naked, moved everything else away. Kaoru had been worried that setting a program for their lovemaking would ruin the mood, but he saw that Daisuke was hard, his tip wet. He also had something else in his hand as he approached.
“Bend over the bed.”
Kaoru obeyed but kept watching Daisuke. He held a tube of cherry-flavored lube and a large dildo. Kaoru noticed that it had a base, and he realized it was an anal plug. Daisuke lubed his fingers and began preparing Kaoru, watching his face.
“It’ll make it better,” Daisuke said softly. His touch was rougher than usual, and he stretched Kaoru faster. Before long, he had three fingers inside Kaoru.
Panting, Kaoru watched him pick up the plug, which was about the same length as Daisuke’s cock but definitely thicker. Daisuke slid his fingers out and coated the rubber cock. He spread Kaoru’s cheeks and pushed it past the ring of muscle at his entrance. Kaoru gasped, and Daisuke leaned down to grasp him by the chin and kiss him, all the while driving the plug home. Kaoru whimpered a little as Daisuke wiggled the cock inside of him.
Daisuke straightened and gazed down at him. “You look amazing.” He popped each cheek once, and then he slapped his hand against the base of the plug.
Kaoru cried out, but then he moaned. Daisuke wiped his hands on a towel and took up the flogger, running it over Kaoru’s back a few times. Then he let it dangle between Kaoru’s legs, the strips of suede teasing against his cock and balls. The first strike wasn’t hard, but the sound got Kaoru’s attention. Kaoru sucked in his lower lip, shivering as another strike came. He had no idea what the appeal was, not really, yet the actual act was even better than what he’d imagined.
The strikes became harder each time, and Kaoru closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations. Then everything stopped and Daisuke hovered over him, running one hand into Kaoru’s hair and jerking his head back. “Are you even aware of the sounds you’re making?” Daisuke asked before biting Kaoru’s shoulder.
“S-sounds?” Kaoru was vaguely aware that he’d been moaning but hadn’t thought much about it.
“You’ve got me ready to shoot just listening to you.” His free hand skimmed over Kaoru’s ass. “And your skin is such a lovely pink now.” His hand slid farther to fondle Kaoru’s balls.
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