Sunday, November 22, 2015

Guest Author -- Adam Charles and Taken by Hades

What if Hades didn’t kidnap Persephone? What if, instead, her brother Arion captured the heart of the lord of the Underworld?

Arion enjoys his simple life, even if his mother Demeter can be overbearing. Unlike his cloistered sister Persephone, Arion can seduce and fuck at his leisure. But someone has been watching him, someone who can no longer bear to be only a spectator.

Hades comes out of the shadows, enthralled by Arion’s beautiful, muscular body and his flashing green eyes. For years, he’s watched others enjoy Arion, but no more. Hades will make Arion his, no matter what he has to do to make his gorgeous captive submit.

Arion had no idea what time it was when he woke. Without the sun, he wouldn’t be able to orient himself down here. He left his room and wound his way back to the dining room. No one was there when he entered, but Hades soon came through another door.

“Good morning,” Hades said as he approached.

Arion bowed. “Lord Hades.”

Hades stopped a couple of feet away, frowning. “You don’t have to be so formal.”

Arion ignored the remark. “What must I do to earn the right to go see my family?”

“First off, you can stop being so hostile. I haven’t harmed you.”

“You’ve ruined my life. I was content as I was.”

“I heard you talking to Persephone last night. I’m used to being alone and woke when I heard voices.”

“You shouldn’t have listened.”

“I’d fallen asleep in a chair. It just happened to be close to your door.” He smiled. “I heard her urge you to come to my bed. I wish you had.”

Arion didn’t try to hide his ire. “Don’t eavesdrop on me anymore.”

“I expected to hear you being far more critical of me.”

“I had to be careful and avoid upsetting her.”

“So when you said you were holding out because you didn’t want me to think I could always control you, was that a lie?”

“Yes. She’s sheltered and probably thinks this is romantic.” He shook his head. “I’m not going to discuss things you shouldn’t know about.” Arion turned away and strode toward the door, but it slammed before he could reach it. He felt Hades close behind him, and the god pushed him forward to press him against the door. Hades massaged his shoulders and rubbed against him, his cock hard to ignore as it brushed Arion’s ass.

Arion turned his head to look back at Hades. “Let me go.”

“Never. Keep acting like this and it will be years before I let you go back to the surface.” Hades ran his fingers into Arion’s hair. “I long to touch you all the time.”

“But I don’t want you to touch me.”

“Why do you resist?” Hades turned Arion in his arms. “You’re torturing me.”

“I’m torturing you? I didn’t seek your favor or attention.”

Hades touched his hair again and then cupped his face. “I want to taste every inch of you and slide my cock into you. Make you cry out my name as you come for me.”

“Then you should’ve approached me as a lover, not a thief.” Arion struggled and got away, but Hades reached out and grabbed him by the wrist. Arion didn’t fight, knowing he’d lose. He raised his gaze to Hades’s face.

“I won’t spend eternity apologizing for what I did. You’re here now, and you are mine. And whether you can admit it yet or not, you desire me.”

“I’m not your lover. I’m your captive.”

Hades yanked him closer. One large hand slid down Arion’s body to fondle his cock. “And you’re hard.”

Arion drew in a sharp breath as Hades caressed him. He hadn’t realized his body was reacting that way, and he tried to get away from Hades’s touch. He trembled as Hades backed him against the table now. The god’s lips touched his ear.

“Make yourself come for me. I want to see your pleasure.”

Arion tried to respond, but nothing came out at first. Finally, he said, “No.”

Hades’s dark eyes flashed at him, flames visible in their depths for a brief moment. “Why not?”

“I won’t be forced.”

“You find me appealing. You said it yourself. My touch has made you grow hard.” He smiled. “In fact, it seems to me it’s the forcefulness you respond to.”

“You can think whatever you like. It doesn’t justify your actions.”

Hades’s hand fell away. “Touch that beautiful cock for me, and I’ll let you see Persephone today.”

Arion hesitated before looking up. “Why do you want me to do this?”

“Because I want to see you come for me alone. For years I’ve watched you with others, spilling your seed freely. The jealousy nearly consumed me.”

“I won’t perform simply to see my sister. I can talk to her whenever I wish.” He swallowed. “Unless you’ll deny me that as punishment.”

“I will never take back any gift I give you.” Hades backed away now and nodded to the table. “Eat. I’m sure you’re hungry.”

The shadowy beings came in with food once again, and Hades turned to leave the room.

“Lord Hades?”

He stopped but didn’t turn around. “Yes?”

“Please don’t listen to me talk to Persephone. She’s always been my confidant, and though I must deceive her to save her worry and pain, I need to know I can talk to her freely. I’ll go crazy down here without some outlet.”

Hades glanced back at him. “I will not eavesdrop again.” He gave a curt nod and stalked out.

Arion sat at the table and reached for a strawberry. He stared at it instead of eating it. Had he angered Hades? Would a punishment come later? Or perhaps another demand? Arion couldn’t tell what the man felt, be it wounded pride or some other emotion. He tried to make himself eat, but he left the room after only a few bites. He wandered the palace, but he couldn’t find Hades. Eventually he wound up outside. A strange light did illuminate the landscape around him, but without the sun above him, he felt gloomy and soon returned to his room to wait for Hades to come to him again.

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