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Guest Author - Victoria Vallo & Bending to His Beta

Welcome Victoria back to my blog -- she's sharing her second Beta book, Bending to His Beta.

Stryker found the perfect beta quite by accident, and he tries every day to keep Rhys happy and fulfilled. He knows how good he is at meeting Rhys’s physical needs, but lately, something has felt off between them. He tries to get Rhys to open up, but his beta’s stubbornness has never waned, even in his submission. 

 Rhys has grown to love Stryker, but he still feels as if something is missing in their relationship. They’ve built a home together, but Rhys wants their family to grow. More than anything, Rhys wants a child, but he fears Stryker will deny him this. Rhys has already asked him to change in so many ways, and Stryker’s possessiveness makes Rhys question whether the alpha is willing to give in to something that will alter their lives so drastically. 

Stryker knew something was wrong with his beta.

And he didn’t like that.

Stryker moved into the cockpit and slid into the co-pilot’s seat. They’d bought a new ship a few weeks earlier, and he’d let Rhys pick it out himself, hoping that would cheer his beta up.

It didn’t seem to have made any difference.

When Rhys didn’t look over at him, Stryker leaned across and kissed him on the back of the neck. Rhys kept staring at the data pad in front of him. When he finally turned, he said, “You should rest tonight. We have a big run tomorrow. We’ll be gone for three days.”

“I know. That’s why I wanted us to have dinner and just relax.”

Rhys gave a shrug. “Not that hungry. I’ll be in later.”

He and Rhys didn’t have the conventional alpha-beta relationship Stryker had grown up with on Arox 3, but he was still the alpha. Backing down was never his first instinct.

“Tell me what’s wrong, Rhys.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” was Rhys’s flat reply.

“You’re lying to me, and it hurts.”

“That happens. People hurt each other.”

Stryker grabbed Rhys by the hair and jerked his head back. Their lips almost touching, Stryker said, “Tell me.”

Rhys’s eyes searched his face and soon glinted with lust. “Make me.”

Stryker felt the smile curving his lips. “I will.” He closed the gap and kissed his feisty beta, reveling in the moan that came from him. Instead of resisting, Rhys submitted without hesitation, and Stryker deepened the kiss.

When they parted, Stryker said, “You wouldn’t give in this way if you were truly angry. You’re hurt or upset. Tell me, baby.”

“Fuck me first.”

Stryker drew back in confusion. They’d been together for almost two years, and their relationship went so far beyond the sex that had at first bound them together. Rhys hadn’t favored sex over talking in a very long time, and it worried Stryker.

“Are you worried? Afraid?”

Rhys shook his head and stood up. He took Stryker’s hand and led him out of the ship and across the floor of their private docking bay. “Remind me who my alpha is. Come claim me again.” Rhys led him into the house and began stripping as soon as he was inside.

Stryker watched his beautiful beta undressing, and his cock hardened at the sight. Just a flash of Rhys’s eyes could drive him wild, and he loved it when Rhys asked to be taken, to be claimed all over again.

They moved into their playroom, which Stryker had designed when they built their home after his retirement from bounty hunting. Stryker stripped and pushed Rhys to the bed. Rhys’s gaze followed his every move, and Stryker climbed on the bed to tie him down. Instead of tying his feet to the footboard, Stryker bound them to his wrists, bending him in half and raising his ass high. Stryker smiled as he massaged Rhys’s heavy balls and hard cock. It leaked already, and Stryker bent to lick the head. He then got on his knees to rim his beta and ready him for a plug. Fucking would come later. His beta deserved a sound spanking for keeping secrets. When they were done, Stryker wouldn’t untie his hands until he had the truth from Rhys’s lips. Rhys actually whimpered as Stryker speared his tongue into his clenching, eager hole. He hooked his thumbs in and spread it wide to go deeper. He circled his tongue and laved Rhys’s channel. Then he drew back and gently blew over the wet skin.

“Fill me, please,” Rhys begged.

Stryker slid one finger in and let Rhys contract around him. He finger fucked his beta slowly and watched the pleasure on his face. He withdrew and went to the cabinet to get a plug, picking an extra fat one tonight. He showed it to Rhys and ran it over his lips. Rhys sighed and arched to lift his ass.

Stryker took his time lubing the thick plug. It wasn’t molded to feel like a cock, but it was ribbed and did have a large, round bulb at the end. Stryker squirted lube inside Rhys as well before pushing the plug into him. It went slowly at first, but then it popped through the resistance and slid in several inches all at once. Rhys cried out, but then he moaned. Stryker pushed it in until the base met Rhys’s pucker, and then he pressed on the end and moved the toy within his beta.

“Nice and full, baby?” Stryker asked.

“Yes. Perfect.”

Stryker kept massaging the end to make the plug move in a slow circle and massage Rhys’s channel.

“I love you,” Rhys whispered, his gaze fixed on Stryker’s face.

Stryker leaned in for a soft kiss and caressed Rhys’s ass. “And I love you. Tell me what’s wrong. I can’t stand knowing you need something.”

“After.” Rhys tilted his head to kiss Stryker’s cheek. “Take me first.”

Stryker drew back and moved down to suckle Rhys’s cock for another long moment. “You’re getting spanked first, baby. You’ve been keeping secrets.”

Rhys turned his head away but lifted his ass higher. “Punish me then.”

Stryker picked out a medium-sized paddle for this spanking. The surface was covered in a textured material that felt like a cross between silk and velvet, but the hard surface still made Rhys cry out loudly with every strike. Licking his lips, Stryker watched his beta’s skin pinken. He didn’t like to make it go bright red, though at times Rhys pushed him to that. Stryker loved the subtleties of their relationship and the fact that Rhys wanted and needed different things each time they touched. If Stryker had chosen a natural beta from his own planet, it wouldn’t have been this way. The beta, most likely, would’ve been constantly submissive and always seeking to please Stryker, even down to asking for things that would please Stryker more while neglecting his own desires. Stryker loved that Rhys always asked for what he needed when it came to his pleasure.

Stryker threw the paddle aside and knelt on the bed. He massaged the end of the plug to stimulate Rhys more as he kissed his inflamed skin. He licked at the spots that seemed especially tender. Rhys sighed and arched, begging to be taken. His cock lay against his stomach, leaking fluid. His balls looked heavy with cum, and Stryker took one into his mouth.

Rhys cried out, and Stryker sucked gently as he drew the plug from Rhys’s body. The lube he preferred tasted like citrus, and Stryker slid his tongue into Rhys to tease him. More sighs met his ears, and he added a finger to play with Rhys’s prostate. When Rhys’s cries grew louder, Stryker drew back and stroked himself. He gazed down at Rhys and studied his face. The pleasure in his expression couldn’t be denied, but something in his eyes still troubled Stryker.

Stryker leaned down and kissed Rhys’s forehead. “I’m going to take you, and then you’re going to tell me what you want. What you need. I’d never deny you anything, Rhys.”

Rhys chewed his lower lip and nodded. “I know,” he whispered.

Stryker got into position. That response made him long to ask what had Rhys so worried, but his need to be inside Rhys couldn’t be denied. He slid home easily, as they’d always fit together so perfectly. He lowered himself to cover Rhys’s body with his and kiss his neck. They fucked slowly, much more slowly than Stryker had intended, but he felt the uncertainty coming from Rhys. He wished to reassure his beta and comfort him.

Grinding against Rhys’s recently spanked ass made many little whimpers fall from Rhys’s lips, but his eyes shone with need as he looked up at Stryker. Pressing closer to create more friction, Stryker dropped a kiss to Rhys’s lips. Rhys responded hungrily and began to rub his ass against Stryker groin even harder.

“Fill me, Stryker,” Rhys whispered. “I want your seed.”

Stryker pushed deeper and then began a series of short thrusts. He came with a shudder as Rhys clenched around him. Their gazes locked, and Stryker knew what Rhys wanted. He hadn’t spilled yet, and just the thought of him still in need roused Stryker’s cock. He slid out and went on his knees again. He lapped at the seed dripping from Rhys’s ass and teased his heavy balls as well. He could feel how much Rhys needed to come. He gently freed Rhys’s legs and lowered them. Rising from the bed, Stryker took up the lube again and coated his finger, quickly preparing his own entrance. Being fucked by one’s beta was a natural part of the full claiming, but most alphas didn’t allow it often after that coupling. Fucking an alpha was supposed to be a rare treat, a reward for very good betas, but Stryker gave in every time Rhys wanted to fuck him. He loved switching and being fucked by Rhys, and he simply adored the feel his little beta’s cum inside him.

Rhys licked his lips as Stryker straddled him and guided his cock. Stryker lowered himself slowly and opened his ass up for the penetration. Watching Rhys’s face during this always gave him pleasure. His little beta could be so expressive, every single movement of his lips and eyes telling Stryker how much pleasure he was feeling.

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