Sunday, December 6, 2015

Guest Author - Misha Paige and Dragon Born

Welcome Misha Paige to my blog.  She's sharing a little from her recent release, Dragon Born.  If you haven't read this story -- you MUST!  It is so good.

As a young man, Martel stood against a tyrant and it nearly cost him his life. When the prince who saved him ascended the throne, Martel swore himself to the new king’s service. But over the years his gratitude and loyalty have deepened to something far more.

To stop a madman, Pyrrhos sacrificed his chance at happiness. So he devoted himself to leading his people out of his father’s shadow, no matter the resistance he faced. Now he has been given the gift of a grandson to pass his legacy on to and he is determined to secure the throne for his chosen heir.

And even though it is selfish when he knows his time is running out, he cannot stop reaching for the man who should have been his.

As Pyrrhos’ fate draws closer, treachery from within the court will threaten everything he holds dear, forcing him into a painful choice.

When the truth about Pyrrhos is revealed, Martel will have to defy fate itself to save the man he loves.   

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Martel kissing the other man, running his hand down over the swell of the man’s ass. The memory of his mouth crushing mine. His kiss claiming me as fire raced through me. By the Gods, had it only been three days ago? 

The glimpse of what could have been shattered my heart. 

I fell to my knees as the pain drew my change closer. Claws shot out from my fingers as patches of copper scales appeared on my skin. Bones snapped and lengthened as I struggled, my clothes tore and fell off. Clothes usually disappeared only to come back when the magic was called again. But since I fought the change the normal rules did not apply. And I had to fight because if I surrendered to my true nature I would destroy the man Martel had chosen over me.

I would rend him limb from limb no matter how innocent he was.

A burning agony nearly consumed me as I reached for the power to control my rage.

I am not a monster! 

Holding fast to that thought, I managed to push the change away. My claws drew back into my fingers. My skin returned to its normal hue, and limbs returned to a human-like length. But I could not leash the fury that still burned. Desperate for a way to let it out, I grabbed a chair from the private dining table in the corner and smashed it to the floor. Visceral satisfaction flooded me as it broke apart. I reached for another. Another chair shattered on the floor. And another, until all six were splinters on the ground but the rage still filled me. I picked up an intricately carved chest and threw it just as Martel burst into the room with his blade drawn and gaze frantically searching the room, pausing for a brief moment on my naked form.

“Where is the danger?” His voice was a fierce snarl.

“There is no danger!” My pained yell caused him to pause in shock. “Why are you not buried balls deep in your chosen bedmate?” I snarled the words at him, part of me enjoying his flinch at my anger. The ball of fiery rage flared, needing to lash out at the cause of it. I clenched my fists, the pain of my nails digging into my own flesh not even close to distracting me, and whirled away from him. Mayhap if I could not see him I could keep from doing something I knew I would regret.

“Because he is not you!”

There was not even a moment to react to that shocking declaration before strong arms spun me around. Martel pinned me to him with one arm and buried his other hand in my hair, yanking my head back. Flames of need raced through me, and I barely had a chance to see an answering heat in his eyes before he plundered my mouth. 
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