Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bear Mountain -- The Series That Almost Wasn't

I know a lot of you read and enjoy my Bear Mountain series -- and would likely be shocked by the fact it almost didn't happen.

I was struggling with something I was SUPPOSED to be writing - which wasn't Bound to Two Bears - and had a massive case of writer's block.

So I opened a fresh page.  No restrictions, no outline, no planning, nothing.

Bound to Two Bears happened.

It just came from my fingers.  I wrote the rough draft in less than three days.

The MPREG aspect also kind of came out of nowhere.  My fingers just went there without much thought.  It felt right and I really worried about it at first, but you readers helped me realize it was what the story needed.

Family.  A untenable bond between these males.

And when the book was done, I realized that I liked the little world I'd hinted at.  I liked the secondary characters we'd seen peeks of.  And I wanted to see more.

So I wrote Paul's story.

And then everyone screamed about wanting Ben's story -- but I knew that one would need time.  Ben needed time.  He needed to mourn.

I turned my attention to some of the other characters to give Ben some time.

And then Ben's story came.  I worried I wouldn't do it justice and it seems that most of you enjoyed where I took his tale.  I can't please everyone, and I've seen some upset about the birth scene, where Ben was left alone.

But you have to realize, these bears aren't perfect.  They were hurting, too, and focused on the one thing they knew was truly theirs - their cubs.  They thought Ben didn't want them and had only returned for the birth of the cubs.  They'd steeled their hearts and minds and kept Ben at arm's length, afraid they'd fall more, only to not have that love returned.

Should they have comforted Ben in that moment?  Absolutely.  But their own fears and hurt kept them from doing what was right.  Ben wasn't the only one in pain here, and I tried to show that, too.

So what's next?  Maybe some deer shifters?  I'm curious to learn a little about Magnus, aren't you?

And WHO is his brother bear?  I've never said, have I?  Will that be a surprise?

I think Running Bear still has a surprise or two for us, as well.  Don't count him out just yet.
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