Sunday, December 13, 2015

Guest Author - April Andrews and an Omega for the Beasts

I've had an opportunity to read this story, and if you choose to read it, too, you'd better break out a fan.  For you readers who prefer romance with a little erotic touch, this isn't the book for you.

April Andrews usually writes erotic romance, but for this book she has focused more on the ‘erotic’ than the ‘romance’.

If you’re offended by the idea of a submissive omega trapped in a lab with three dominant, alpha beasts then this book is not for you. If, however, you like the idea of what happens when that submissive omega has to find his way through the lab, past those beasts and out the other side then read on…


“Has it kicked in yet?” the bear-beast growled.

“Kicked in?” Ellis swallowed even as he covered his surprise at the fact that the beast could actually speak. “What do you—”

“The chemical they injected you with on the plane,” the bear said. “Right about now you should be feeling the effects of it.”

Ellis shook his head slightly, only then remembering the ‘booster injection’ they had given him. His line of work meant keeping up on multiple immunizations and so Ellis hadn’t really thought much of it, but was it possible that they’d given his something other than a booster shot?

Of course it was possible!

Ellis scowled. That bitch Roberts was capable of anything!

It was then that Ellis realized that he was feeling a bit odd. The fear that had slithered through him mere moments ago was dissipating, taking the adrenaline along with it. Left behind was a curious sensation. Ellis could only describe it as a sort of calm.

Confused, he inhaled a sharp breath. It was then that he noticed that his heart was no longer racing and his muscles were no longer tense. The ‘fight or flight’ response was gone. Ellis didn’t feel like he wanted to run anywhere. Instead, Ellis was beginning to feel perfectly comfortable, happy even.

It occurred to him that perhaps the lack of fear was because the bear-beast didn’t look like he was about to rush him. He stood, arms by his side, eyes hooded...and cock still hugely erect, jutting out from his fur.

But no, Ellis knew that the beast’s non-threatening stance would not have been enough to relax him. They had given his something. Something to make this ordeal easier...or even...

Oh fuck no!

Ellis gasped as something else became apparent.

He was horny!

Whether he liked it or not—and right now Ellis did not—his cock was starting to thicken in his pants...and it was thickening quickly. In any other situation, and when faced with a massively erect cock, that wouldn’t have been surprising. Ellis was still in heat and so feeling aroused all day, every day was the norm. But this was not a normal situation and the owner of that massively erect cock was some sort of shifter-beast that the company had done something to, maybe even created.

Ellis should not be aroused by the beast!

He shouldn’t be thinking about what that cock would feel like in his his his ass...

Only he was...

Ellis drew in an unsteady breath as the realization of what was happening to him became clear. A shiver seemed to travel from his chest all the way down to his aching balls. They were heavy with cum. Heavy with a need to be emptied.

Again, and this time it wasn’t entirely involuntarily, Ellis’ gaze dipped to the bear’s cock. Automatically, he licked his lips. It was just so fucking big! Bigger than any Ellis had ever had by quite some margin.

Abruptly, and with a low moan, Ellis imagined what it would feel like to have that huge appendage pounding away inside of him. Like being fisted...over and over...

Ellis swallowed again, the truth of exactly what was happening here in this lab dawning. And if he knew it then the bear-beast knew it too.

“Do you know why I’m here?” he asked.

The bear growled. That growl seemed to cross the space between them and made Ellis shiver all over again.

“What did they tell you?” the bear asked.

“That this is a puzzle,” Ellis said honestly. “A puzzle that I have to get through to make it out the other side. I won’t be let out until I do that. Until I get there.”

“I’ve never heard it described in that way before,” the bear said.


Ellis was almost positive that the bear smiled. “Sex.”
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