Wednesday, October 15, 2014

OUT NOW! The Barbarian Book TWO -- Ezek's Story

It's here!  The Barbarian Book Two is OUT NOW!

Newly appointed General of the Jenai Eastern Forces, Ezek looks north, ready to add more to the Jenai’s widening borders. In order to capture the City of Moffea, he must gain allies, which means crossing the Crystian Sea. Ezek seeks out a famed smuggler to take him and his men across, only to be refused by the dashing man who stirs his blood and hardens his flesh unlike any before.

Talan has created a wicked reputation based mostly on tall tales. Having lost his ship and crew to the Moffeans, he is desperate, but not desperate enough to help the dreaded Jenai. He refuses their general, but knows he must leave Rastia and soon. Stowing away seems like his best chance to escape thugs looking for the lost cargo on Talan’s ship.

Talan escapes on Ezek’s ship, only to be found and delivered to the general’s cabin. Ezek decides to punish his stowaway, binding him in chains and tormenting his flesh, demanding a sexual surrender.

You can also check out the Companion Guide to this story (NSFW) HERE.   Check out a map of Aurelia HERE.


Dagwn burst through his door, dragging a man behind him.

As soon as Ezek saw who it was, his body tensed.


He frowned. What was the man doing there?

“A stowaway was found under deck, General,” Dagwn said, tossing Talan to his knees before the desk.

Exactly where he belonged.

At Ezek’s feet.

“A stowaway?” Ezek asked, his cock lengthening immediately. He remained seated to prevent Talan from seeing the damage he caused.

“General, I would not stowaway. I reconsidered your offer and was touring the ship before speaking over terms. I must have fallen asleep below deck before you set sail.”

“Do you usually sway people with your lies, Talan?” Ezek asked, more amused than angry. He should be angry. His men would expect angry.

Talan grinned widely. “Baffle and confuse, more than I actually sway.”

Ezek fought the chuckle racing up his throat. When was the last time he had actually laughed? His gaze roamed over the man’s body, excitement zipping through him. Ezek had wanted Talan, and now here he was delivered into the palm of his hand. Maybe the Goddess smiled down on him after all.
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