Friday, October 10, 2014

October Writing Update

I can't believe it's already October.  Next thing we'll know, the month will come and go and we'll be eating turkey, surrounded by relatives we spend most of the year avoiding.

Best way to avoid?  Your nose in a book.

Here's what's coming.

The Barbarian, Book Two

I know I promised I'd go right back to Le Cachot, but the world of Aurelia grabbed me in a choke hold and wouldn't let go.  Ezek's story screamed in my head and I had to write it.  Plus that whole dub-con, forced seduction thing is my favorite thing to write.  I like exploring that gray area of consent, pushing someone to accept the desires they have hidden deep inside.  I know the Amazon police don't like it, but I do.  I got away from it when the giant was dragging books off left and right and I lost my way.  I came back to it because I like it and apparently you guys do, too.

Le Cachot, Level Four

I'll be back with level four of The Dungeon soon enough.  Hints about what's inside?  Not sure I should tell you.  Perhaps it should be a secret.  You've seen a little hint of it at the Gates on level two, so it won't be a complete surprise.  But it will be hot.  Very hot.

After I round up level four, I'll make the decision to either continue on to level five or the third Barbarian tale.  Depends on what my muse is craving.  Or...

Bears, Bears, Bears

I made a promise about some bear loving to come.  I have not forgotten.  I've got a story started, a short perhaps.  We'll see as it gets fleshed out.  More to come on that later.
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