Monday, October 13, 2014

COMPANION GUIDE (NSFW): The Barbarian, Book Two

The second Barbarian story didn't have as much of the wild and wooly tools I typically use in my tales.  Being historical (well fantasy-historical-esque), too many hard core tools and implements wouldn't have a place there.

I kept to a lot of chain bondage with this installment. 

There are a few fun bondage positions in the story, and I wanted to share a visual of those to go along.

Jade Dildo

Jade, and other stone, was often used in ancient dildos.  Our hero uses one, perhaps not as intricate as this one, but no less effective.

As I said in the last companion guide, dildos have been around for up to 10,000 years, so the use of one in this tale is definitely appropriate.  I love the look of the one photographed and wish I had found it prior to writing the story!  Carvings of men fucking on the outside could've added to the torment!

Bound to the Floor

As soon as I saw this picture, I knew it had to happen in my next book.  The scene was set a little differently in Ezek's tale -- Talan's hands were also bound, but this gives you a good idea of what's going on there.

Whew -- this one is just fucking hot as hell.

I really need to write some more fun bondage pieces, especially after finding good muse material like this one!


Bound with Ball Weights

There is also a scene with ball weights.  Cock and ball torture is fun fodder.  It will be making an appearance in level four as well.

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