Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Guest Author - Roxxy Lyon's New Release - Sarah's Journey

In the first book in this duo, Becoming Sarah, Roxxy introduced us to Steven, a straight man with a penchant for wearing women's panties, who was forced to become Sarah by an Arabian prince.  Steven quickly learns pleasure in his new form, and in the continuation in Sarah's Journey, readers can see Sarah blossom even more.

For those of you out there who enjoy gender swap, gender fluidity, and transsexual situations.  Be warned, the story incudes MM, MFM/MFF, MMMM/MFMM, ANAL PLAY, ANAL SEX, DUBIOUS CONSENT, and FISTING.

Steven’s transformation into Sarah has not been without speed bumps, but as she starts to come to terms with her transformation, she soon realizes that she craves Prince Al Habib’s touches more than ever.

 The prince allows her to play out her fantasies, bringing her friend and confidant into their bed, only to then forbid Sarah to continue her affair with the woman.

 Sarah uses her wiles to sway his decision—but the prince flips the tables on her and shares her with his friends—men she struggles to ignore.


Yes, my little bird. Once night falls, I’ll call for you. And your Lacey. And you can show me the fantasies you have.

The sun was setting now, the orange fire dancing across the sky celebrating the coming night.  Prince Al Habib’s words repeated in Sarah’s mind over and over as her excitement grew. Tonight she would show her prince her fantasies, bringing both her lovers together into one bed.  Al Habib did not care for women, at least ones born as such.  He preferred females like Sarah, ones born male and seductively transformed.

Sarah stared at herself in the full length mirror, her gaze drifting over the changes to her body.  The alterations she’d gone through were so powerful she struggled to come to terms with them all, yet at the same time she felt so comfortable in her new skin, it was almost frightening.  She’d awoken in Prince Al Habib’s palace, in a hospital bed in the on-site clinic, no longer completely the man she’d been born.

Transforming into another person was freeing in some ways, allowing her to be someone else entirely and to sense the world from a completely new perspective.

Her gaze traveled over the bulge in her leopard print silk panties, the outline of her hardening cock and sac still apparent.  Outside of that, there were no other signs she was a male at birth.  Between the magic of Lacey’s makeup skills and the talent of the medical staff, she’d been shaped into a very costly work of art.

Seeing herself like this, her body more curvaceous, mostly thanks to the large breasts the prince had forced on her, made it hard for her to consider herself a him any longer.  This body was a mask of epic proportions, covering the man she’d once been, allowing her to blossom into more.  Seeing herself like this was mind-altering.  She now thought more like a woman, considered herself one.  Steven had become Sarah, from the inside out.
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