Sunday, October 12, 2014

COMING 10/15/14: The Barbarian, Book Two

The world of Aurelia snagged me and I stayed there instead of returning to Le Cachot (level four is up next, I promise!), so book two is almost here!

In this story, Ezek finds a very sexy stowaway onboard while on his way across the sea, looking for a new alliance.

Unedited blurb

Newly appointed General of the Jenai Eastern Forces, Ezek looks north, ready to add more to the Jenai’s widening borders.  In order to capture the City of Moffea, he must gain allies, which means crossing the Crystian Sea.  Ezek seeks out a famed smuggler to take him and his men across, only to be refused by the dashing man who stirs his blood and hardens his flesh unlike any before.
Talan has created a wicked reputation based mostly on tall tales.  Having lost his ship and crew to the Moffeans, he is desperate, but not desperate enough to help the dreaded Jenai.  He refuses their general, but knows he must leave Rastia and soon.  Stowing away seems like his best chance to escape thugs looking for the lost cargo on Talan’s ship.
Talan escapes on Ezek’s ship, only to be found and delivered to the general’s cabin.  Ezek decides to punish his stowaway, binding him in chains and tormenting his flesh, demanding a sexual surrender.
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