Monday, July 15, 2013

Writing Update - Mid July

It's been a busy last couple of weeks.  Here's a quick update.

1.  Slave World IV:  The Return is now available at Smashwords and All Romance.  It should be available later today at Amazon.  This is the final in the series, but it has helped spur on a brand new short series which I will start working on in August.  Anyone up for a trip to Planet X?  You'll get that once you read it :)

2.  Bears in Bondage has been up for sale for the last week or so.  If you
haven't grabbed the second set in the tale, you are definitely missing out.  MUCH hotter than the first, with a lot more toy play as Bastian digs deep into his available BDSM gear to really rock Cole's world.

3.  I'm about halfway done with Rafe's Wolf, which will hopefully be coming in the next week or so.  It will help tie up the loose ends from Remy's Wolf and show a little insight into the fourth brother, Mitch, who we really didn't
meet in the first book.

4.  His Milk Maid is now available at All Romance.  I had plans for another in this series, but it's just not gelling.  I've not given up hope, as I have about five thousand words written, but the vibe just isn't coming together.  It will be shelved for now.

5.  Once Rafe's story is told, I will start working on Crash Landing, a new alien series.  Centered on human astronauts who have crashed into an unexplored alien world, it will feature MMMM groups along with domination and submission.  I'm very excited to start this series.  I hope to have the first book late July, early August.
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